How to Pass CCNA Exam Easily

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Struggling to pass CCNA ? Surf here to get a easy tips to crack CCNA Exam with Confidense. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is very important for networking professionals because this associate level certification can give a great career start to networking specialists. That is why this is one of the most important certification levels. All you need to do is to pass the CCNA certification exam but first you need to be prepared for it.


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Tips to Pass CCNA Exams Easily:

Tips to Pass CCNA Exams Easily General Guide

Quick Tips:

Quick Tips Mentally prepare yourself Right study material Split the CCNA Composite exam (Optional) Get assistance of new technology to  test your willingness Choose the right institute Schedule the test Confidence Cram, cram and cram

Mentally organize yourself :

Mentally organize yourself Seriously think, why do you want to be CCNA certified. You have to firmly decide and believe that you will get CCNA within next 3-6 months or so. Y ou will have to give up some of your social time for the next couple of months. Your friends and family will understand .

Right Study Material:

Right Study Material All the publications by Cisco press are no doubt the most authentic resources and should be the first choice for the preparation of any C isco certification. The benefit is not only the successful exam preparation but also a thorough knowledge of the course that other resources do not cover.

Split the CCNA Composite exam :

Split the CCNA Composite exam You think the CCNAX 200-120 composite exam is difficult for preparation and you do not want to risk all of your money for single attempt, you can easily attempt the split versions. Cisco has provided ICND1 (100-101) & ICND2 (200-101) respectively. Together they complete CCNA. Their exam prices are USD 150 each.

Get assistance of new technology to test your willingness :

Get assistance of new technology to test your willingness There are many free apps available on the app stores to Test your readiness. Try them, with sample multiple choice questions and LAB scenarios. If your score is more than 97% in multiple attempts, you can feel confident to go for the CCNA Certification .

Choose the right institute :

Choose the right institute It is quite tough to crack the exams and hence, you need training to concentrate on your study. There are several camps or training centers which conducts CCNA courses. You can easily access all information about them by just looking over the internet.

Schedule the test :

Schedule the test If you schedule the test a month in advance, you won’t be able to slack and make excuses not to study hard until tests and it is also good to give yourself a deadline. Sometimes people work on their CCNA for 2 years, then they rest for 2 two months. When they think they are ready for the next chapter, they forget what they have learned in the first chapter.

Confidence :

Confidence Cisco certifications generally are deep and comprehensive in nature. They are unlike most of the professional certifications. If you are honest with yourself and have true confidence on your preparation then there is absolutely no harm to appear in the exam.

Cram, cram and cram :

Cram, cram and cram You should cram Q&A for no more than 10 days before you take the test. At this point it is really important that you get fresh and different questions. At this point you already firmly grasped the whole CCNA concept and Q&A will only help you. So get some Q&A exam question and cram, cram and cram them for a week.


Hope this is useful for you…All the very best!!! Crack the CCNA exams with the neat plan , guidance , hard work and confidence ….

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