6 Soft Skills An IT Professional Must Have


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To survive in competitive Environment every IT Professional should have Soft Skills , the one who lack will no more sustain in the market.


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6 Soft Skills That An IT Professional M ust H ave Communication skills Flexibility Leadership Problem solving skills Time Management Listening skills www.iiht-kharghar.com

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Communication skills : This doesn’t mean you have to be an excellent writer or an orator. You should be able to simply conceive the message that you need to give to your team. As a website developer, you need to be able to present a task to your team in a better way. Flexibility : In an IT firm, one must be flexible enough to perform the task without much delays. An IT professional must be adaptable to work at any available time to complete the task. Leadership:  This is one of the most important quality a candidate should have. A candidate who has self-confidence, and a person who is innovative and can take a decision on his own will be an asset for a company. It is very easy to complete a task but it needs talent in getting a task done by someone else under you. Soft skills play an important role in professional career .   www.iiht-kharghar.com

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4 Problem solving skills : A person who is good at solving problems will be able to solve problems related to a task more efficiently. He/ she should be brave enough to take risk so that a problem can be solved. When you  learn to code , your problem solving and analytical thinking skill increases. 5 Time Management : It is said that one who can manage time, can manage anything. Time management plays a very important and a crucial role in a professional world as it is mandatory that you should be able to complete a task on time without affecting the quality. 6 Listening skills : Listening skills is also an important aspect of soft skills. Listening skills can increase productivity, more customer satisfaction.   Technical Skills may get you the job but soft skills can make you or break you as a Manager www.iiht-kharghar.com

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Career Opportunities In some cases, an IT graduate is good in communications but average in development or designing part, for these candidates’ doors of IT are wide open. One can be: Technical Representative In-house IT marketer Technical Support head IT communication manager Chief Technical Business Officer www.iiht-kharghar.com


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