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PHP course from IIHT Navi Mumbai our experienced trainers will make you to learn object-oriented programming with the use of the PHP Programming Language.


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AN INTRODUCTION TO PHP PHP is server side scripting language Easy To learn PHP Many Job Opportunities Runs on different operating System Large website take less time to create


Uses of PHP: Performs System function: PHP performs system functions, by opening files in a system. 2. Handle forms: PHP can handle forms, by gathering data from files, save data to a file etc. 3. Interacts with database: It creates the user information and retrieves information from the database whenever required. 4. Creates secure web pages: It allows to create secure webpages that requires an user to enter valid username and password to view the web content.


Characteristics of PHP: Five important characteristics make PHP’s practical nature possible 1. Easiness : Are you looking for an easy-to-learn programming  language. there are languages like PHP   for web development 2. Efficiency : PHP , on other hand, is open source and you can freely host most of your PHP websites. Or in much less money. So, PHP is money-efficient. 3. Security :  PHP is as secure as any other major language. The problem with PHP is also the problem with every single other language.


4. Flexibility : PHP  is flexible for database connectivity. It can connect to several databases the most commonly used is the MySQL. 5. Familiarity : Easy to use: It uses C like syntax, so for those who are familiar with C its very easy for them to pick up and it is very easy to create website scripts.


Why is it preferable to develop in PHP? PHP has a Robust nature and is an application which allows a business to provide its product and services directly to the customer desktop or mobile rather than installing software. It has a solid core and a very secure architecture. Therefore, applications developed using it as the framework are very secure, stable and safe in themselves. They are also very seldom crash or malfunction. It is an open source and free, and therefore saves a considerable amount of money for an organization by bringing down the overall development cost substantially. But despite its low cost, the quality of the development is not compromised at all. It is an independent platform, and therefore the application can run across all major web browsers and operating systems.


IIHT collaborated with Pinnacle Infotech and was established in Kharghar in 2012, and since then IIHT-Kharghar it operated successfully by delivering quality training by experienced trainers. Get yourself trained as a  Professional in PHP  from the  best IT training Institute  and boost your career in IT. We have successfully provided placements to freshers in companies. We like to take this as a challenge and committed to do so in future.

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