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Lady Gaga Integrants : Guanipa, Sairo Molero, Carlos


Index Holidays and Celebrations Lady Gaga Schedule Lady Gaga’s House Lady Gaga’s Routine Lady Gaga’s Clothes Lady Gaga’s Job

About me:

About me

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About me Hi everyone ! i'm Carlos and this is my profile , i am only 17 years old but i have big dreams , good , i'm not be so different to the other people , I like to play soccer, chating , writing , and I love the freestyle football , because , is so cool !

Holidays and Celebrations:

Holidays and Celebrations

Lady Gaga’s Schedule:

Lady Gaga’s Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Music Studio Music Studio Radio Interview Music Studio Check costumes for next concerts Saturday TV Show Interview Go to music studio Concert at Chicago Chat with fans Interview with Oprah Winfrey Music Studio Try on new clothes Write a new song Relax Write a new song Write a new song Write a new song Concert at New York Concert at L.A. Free Spend time with family

Lady Gaga’s House:

Lady Gaga’s House She lives in a large luxurious house , it has 22 rooms , 6 bedrooms , 5 bathrooms , 3 dining rooms , 3 kitchens , 2 living rooms , 2 pools ( internal and external ) , a jacuzzi, there is also an internal garden , and outside there is a really beautiful garden .

Lady Gaga’s Routine:

Lady Gaga’s Routine She gets up at 6:00AM, brush her teeth and take a shower , then she starts with her exercises routine until 9:00 AM after that , she usually goes to her Music Studio if she has anything to record, or else she has to write new songs or start preparing her clothes for next concerts .






Reflection We learned a lot in this course , we learned about clothes , jobs , how to write our routine , how to describe our house and lots of things , the most important thing we learned it on a fun way , like uploading our homeworks to our Blogs and so.

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