Start Saving Money by Saving Energy

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Why renewable energy? I Home Energy explain the benefits of solar energy and solar panels. Visit to get more information and the latest news on the environment and renewables.


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Start Saving Money:

Start Saving Money By Saving Energy

What is renewable energy?:

What is renewable energy? Renewable energy can include anything from wind, solar and hydro. Renewable energy is from a source that is naturally replenished when used It is also often called green energy, sustainable energy or micro-generation.

What are the benefits of renewable energy?:

What are the benefits of renewable energy? Helping to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Making use of natural resources. Helping to create new jobs in the renewable energy industry. Saving money

Which renewable energy is best for me?:

Which renewable energy is best for me? Whether you want to generate heat, electricity or both, there is an option that suits you. Solar energy is a great all rounder, it can provide electricity and can also heat your home. Solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectricity can all generate electricity. Heat pumps, solar heating and wood fuelled heating generate heat.

Solar Energy:

Solar Energy Solar cells are usually made of silicon. When light shines on a cell it creates an electric field. The stronger the sun, the more electricity is produced.

How can I make the most out of my solar panel system?:

How can I make the most out of my solar panel system? The best way to make the most out of your system is to install a solar battery backup system. This enables you to save any energy you don’t use for another time, for example, at night, instead of selling it back to the grid.

I Home Energy:

I Home Energy To find out more about solar panels, solar battery backup and their many benefits get in touch with I Home Energy. We can advise you on solar energy, tell you the benefits and inform you of the latest news on energy matters in the UK 0800 023 2216

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