It’s Time To Care For Yourself

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It’s Time To Care For Yourself  It is well-known that the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected lives around the world. It is all the more saddening to know that the coronavirus crisis may hit the poorest for years. On the other hand these times of self-isolation and social distancing create a mental trauma and fear in everyone’s mind as our daily chores work routine social interactions and a lot more are denied. It makes us all increasingly anxious as our economic physical and mental well-being have been put at risk. The fear of infection limited access to supplies of necessities inadequate information and social lockdown pave the way for traumatic stress confusion and anger. Thus this is the time when health measures become the first priority. India Home Health Care IHHC a partner of BAYADA Home Health Care is committed to helping you care for the health and well-being of you and your loved ones in the current situation. IHHC’s certified ​nursing attendants in Chennai understand your need for nursing and care taker services in this lockdown period and strive to provide safe and professional medical care during this crisis. IHHC brings home the best clinical care with its exceptional caretaker services in Bangalore and the proficient bedridden patients home care in Mumbai. IHHC always ensures quality medical care 24/7 to the people of India. Apart from the regular services of IHHC now you can get the all new wellness and stress-therapy services to keep yourself strong in every way possible during these difficult times. IHHC is proud to introduce a further step which enables healing and comfort through a systematic pattern under the caption of “WELLNESS AND STRESS- FREE THERAPY”. WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE  ✔ Attitudinal change at the psychological level to combat the situation ✔ Loosening and stretching physical movements to increase the flexibility of joints and muscles ✔ Developing stamina awareness and patience by practicing simple methodical techniques of Yoga and Relaxation ✔ Breathing techniques or Pranayama to slow down the rate of thoughts in the mind ✔ Additional inclusions like Meditation Counselling Strengthening immunity techniques and ✔ Nutritional diet and regimen as per Ayurvedic principles. The above-mentioned activities are provided as a customized plan of therapies to the clients so as to increase their immunity and strength from within. It also helps them live a stress-free life even in these times of uncertainty as IHHC believes in adopting and adhering to a “life of Moderation” in our daily routine is the best solution for any complication. Therefore strengthen your physical and mental health naturally with IHHC’s all new “WELLNESS AND STRESS- FREE THERAPY” To know more visit: ​

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