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Stanford U Crash Creativity course - CONNECT & COMBINE-Assignment #4


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Assignment # 4: Stanford University Crash Creativity Course November 13, 2012 NELLIE JACOBS HTTP://WWW.IGNITINGIMAGINATION.COM CONNECT & COMBINE The Challenge The Solution ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The Challenge::

The Challenge: Connect and combine two household items to create a new sport…

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Seeking some direction, I turned to my local Creative Board of Directors for help. The Search:

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high Each board member looked … & low for an answer … The Search:

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and, finally, all huddled together for a heated conference … The Search:

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.. at which they unanimously decided that… 1 television + 1 couch = the sport of … The Search:

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TV Programme Surfing!!!

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…which you and I know is NOT a NEW sport! In fact, it’s an activity – of a sort (more or less) The Search:

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So I looked up the definition of “sport” … The Search:

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“ an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment ” * * Definition:

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Now I hunted for two household items to connect and combine, and rejected a few ideas for obvious reasons, such as: + = I don’t think so! The Search:

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and … + = the sport of Snow White’s evil Step Mother “Admiring oneself in the mirror” (no competition) The Search:

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or … + = the sport of Computer Bashing (sometimes justified) The Search:

The Solution::

I thought long and hard & decided to connect and combine … 1) Pencils, & 2) A pencil holder … The Solution:

The Solution::

…to create the sport of … Pencil Darts!! The Solution:

Requirements: :

Requirements: Pencil holder Measuring tape Line Sharpened pencils, same size in length & width


Rules: 1. Stand behind line that is 5 feet from the pencil holder 2. Toss pencils, one by one - sharp point up - into holder 3. Continue until all pencils are tossed


Objective: To get as many as possible unbroken pencils, sharp point up, into the pencil holder The winner is the one with the most unbroken pencils in the pencil holder


Qualification: This sport √ requires exertion and skill , √ qualifies as an individual or team sport, √ qualifies as competitive entertainment .


Finis! Whew! Enjoy! © Nellie Jacobs 2012

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