Go Full Send on Game Day with Ignite

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Every once in a while, we all need to catch our breath so we can clear our head and de-stress. The CBD vape collection from Ignite is your solution with tons of unique flavors to stimulate your senses while you get your mind right. They award-winning disposable vapes along with their new Ignite One, a rechargeable CBD oil vape. Whether you are all in on CBD or want to try it out first, Ignite has the product for you.


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Go Full Send on Game Day with Ignite

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Go Full Send on Game Day with Ignite After waiting basically an eternity football season is back and it’s here to stay for the next few months or so. With football season comes frantically checking your fantasy team quality time with the bros and enjoying Ignite’s premium CBD. Since they first hit the market Ignite has done things big and you don’t have to scroll far on founder Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram feed to see he knows how to go full send. They have an unapologetic commitment to producing some of the best products on the planet including their CBD oil vape. How can Ignite take your gameday experience up a notch Here are a few products to stock up on before kickoff. Good for the Game Some of us like to chill and relax while we watch a game while others need to be laser-focused and tuned into every play. If you know someone who could use a chill pill while the game’s on or if you are that person you’ll love Ignite’s CBD drops. The drops are Ignite’s no-fuss hit of their premium CBD oil straight to the dome. Depending on the type of drops you get you’ll have a different experience.

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The Recharge series is energizing and refreshing the Lucid series is to focus up and the Calm series helps you relax and unwind. Once you take your dose it’ll do its thing for hours and last throughout the game. Halftime Break If you would rather have an experience while taking your CBD you’ll want to try Ignite’s CBD vape pen. They just came out with the Ignite ONE a rechargeable pod-style vape full of Ignite’s CBD goodness. They offer two different flavors tropical fruit and blood orange to delight your taste buds during the game while you sit back and puff away. Ignite also has a collection of disposable vape pens if you want to try it out before committing. They have a few more flavors in the disposable collection including tangerine tropical fruit blood orange apple berry pink chill spearmint and lavender. ToothPick Six Ignite likes to push the boundaries and try new things that they know you’ll love. Among their other products is their CBD infused toothpick collection. Each of these North American birchwood toothpicks is loaded with 25 milligrams of their premium CBD oil. All you have to do is chew on it and use it like any other toothpick except you’ll have the added benefit of CBD. If you want a discrete way to get your CBD fix this is the way to go. Stock up on all of your CBD essentials at https://ignitecbd.co/

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