10 Safety Tips to Use Fireworks


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Fireworks have become an important part of our celebrations. If not handled properly it can cause burns and serious injury in kids as well as adults. Check out these tips to play safe around fireworks and enjoy the fun.


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10 Tips That Help You Play Safe around Fireworks:

10 Tips That Help You Play Safe around Fireworks

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“It's part of tradition to have fireworks for July Fourth and New Year's, so it's just really difficult to get people to stop using fireworks .” -Randy Jenkins You should always think about safety first when dealing with fireworks. Did you know that about half of the injuries related to fireworks are among children younger than 15 years ?

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Never let kids use fireworks by themselves, because even Sparklers that are considered as safe for children, burn at very high temperatures of 1832º - 3632º Fahrenheit and can easily ignite clothing. Tip #1 Tip #2 Teach children "Stop, Drop and Roll" if their clothes catch fire, and show them how to put out fireworks by using water or fire extinguisher.

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Make sure to light fireworks only on a smooth, flat surface away from the house, dry leaves, and flammable materials. Tip #3 Tip #4 Keep any type of ladder, pole, or tie lines used to set up fireworks at least ten feet from power lines. Tip #5 Never carry fireworks in your pocket or use them indoors, and don’t ever relight a used firework.

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Make sure to purchase legal fireworks only. Also, don’t make your own fireworks or use homemade fireworks. Tip #6 Tip #7 Alcohol and Fireworks is an explosive mix. So don’t light fireworks if you’ve consumed alcohol.

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Clean up all the sticks, wires, tubes, etc., that are left around after your fireworks. Soak them overnight in a bucket of water to be sure they are out. Tip #9 Tip #10 Many pets are terrorized by fireworks. Ensure that your pets are in an area they feel secure in, or lock them indoors. Don't take them to community fireworks displays.

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Follow these safety tips to ensure that you enjoy an injury-free celebration with fireworks. Contact Intergalactic Fireworks to pick up the fireworks of your choice online or in-store . Website : www.intergalacticfireworks.com Phone : 215-752-5600

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