microbiology of ice creem


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Microbiology of ice-cream

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Group Members: Group “c”

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What’s ice-cream? Complex colloidal system comprised of : Ice crystal Air bubbles Fat globules Surrounded by an unfrozen continuous matrix of: Sugars Protein Salt Polysaccharides Water

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Major Ingredients: Milk Protein Sugar Fat Water Minor Ingredients: Emulsifiers Stabilizers Flavors Colors

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Flow Sheet: Milk Centrifugation Standardization Preparation of ice cream mix Pasteurization Homogenization cooling Aging freezing+weeping Ice cream Packing Hardening Storage /Marketing

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Microbial Quality Of Ice Cream: Good medium for microbial growth due to: Milk based products High nutritional value Neutral ph value. High temperature in summer Microbial quality of ice-cream is neglected due to(freezing)

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Sources of contamination in Ice-cream Inadequate pasteurization Raw milk Cooling method Personnel hands Scoop water

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The predominant types of microorganisms in ice cream: Streptococci Bacillus typhosus Salmonella group Tubercle bacilli Shegella species Listeria monocytogenes Bacillus diphtheria Bacillus tuberculosis

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Thermal Death Point Pathogenic Bacteria In Ice Cream:

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Suggestions and Recommendations: Obtain ingredients such as milk ,cream, ice cream mix from reliable sources. Maintain time and temperature combination. Drain off and discard left over of soft ice cream daily. Clean all equipment and utensils daily. Maintain hygienic practices during processing.

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