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Important factors to know why redesign is needed for an old website. Old websites are not search engine friendly and unable to generate proper traffic and online presence. To make strong online presence you need to redesign your website. Iekma solutions provide best website redesign services in India. Visit our site :


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Why we need Web Redesign ? If you want to know why we need Web Redesign , you need to know Website redesign is not just a means to change the look and feel of the website. It upgrades the presentation, function, seamlessness and speed of the website. Upgrading navigation and adding important, latest and upgraded features to your site will impress yourvisitors and contribute in a better business opportunity.

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Implement Latest Technologies Website redesigning requires you to implement latest technologies and tools in orders to make it more responsive and perform better. Tools and technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 are the must haves. If you have a Word Press website, you should have the upgraded versions such as the version 3.8 “Parker”.

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Keeping in Step with the Latest Trends Trends keep changing with every passing day and to increase business, you need to keep with the changing trends. Your website should show the upgrade and that you are keeping in step with the latest trends . Responsive and yet flat design, minimalism and addition of video to the website are some of the latest trends.

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Because Google wants you to You need to keep in mind that your website has to come up on a good rank on the Google SERP. Whether you like it or not, you must have a rich UI/UX because Google wants you to . This will increase your page rank and gradually your business will also increase.

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Freshening it Up for your Customers Customers easily get bored with the same visuals, information and a site that has no surprises. Hence, freshening it up for your customers will be a good idea to impress them and increase your business through a simple website redesigning by a professional team of skilled and experienced website designers.

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A Reason to Initiate Communication If you want to get in touch with your previous customers and convince them to revisit your site, give them a strong reason to do it with a newly launched redesigned website. This will give you a reason to initiate communication with them and revive the possibility for a business again.

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Redesign Increases Conversions Research studies and analysis have shown that redesigning your website significantly increases your business conversion rates up to 3% for ecommerce sites and 10% for websites that offer professional services. Since redesign increases conversions , you have enough reasons to redesign yours at once. However, keep in mind that there are many other factors that will contribute in this conversion rate.

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Attract new Links One of the strong reasons, why you should go for a website redesigning is because this can attract new links . Most old websites fail to gain business is because their old design failed to build useful links. With a redesigned website, you can have it submitted to the CSS galleries for more useful link building.

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For a Stronger Presence on Mobile Devices With billions of users and potential customers using mobile devices for surfing the internet, it is very crucial that you catch hold of this market. And for a stronger presence on mobile devices , you must redesign your website to be responsive for mobile devices. This is a great SEO strategy to get more traffic and ranking on the SERP.

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Getting Rid of Junk With time, your website receives a significant amount of junk in them. For getting rid of junk like the 404 errors and unnecessary junk pages, you must redesign your website. With redesigning, you can sync your site with social media sites and also redirect visitors towards the right website page.

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Search Optimization If you redesign your website time to time, it will make the website more optimized to the search engines. In order to make search optimization more applicable on your website, design of the site, images used in it and cacheable landing page redirects and other factors play a very important role.

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