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ID Tech Solutions Seller, Provider Of Boom Barriers 6 Meter, Automatic Boom Barrier, Parking Boom Barrier, Highly Durable, Reliable, High-Performance Automatic Boom Barrier. For Single Side and Dual-Side Entrance, High Sensitivity Level. Buy Boom Barriers At Best Price In India, Gurgaon, Delhi, Latest Boom Barriers For Entrance Security, India


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Boom Barrier IDT PRO 6 6 Mtrs ID Tech Solutions Being committed to superior quality precision and innovation we provide high-performance Boom Barriers 6 Meter are also known as an automatic boom barrier for commercial entrance automation in parking toll plaza’s as a complete solution as the initial level security at all entry and exit points. Our products are rugged durable and reliable enough to withstand all sort of environments. These devices can be easily integrated with the RFID technology IOT controllers or with other customized applications for better automation and tracking of all entrance and exits. With a motive to provide quality product and client satisfaction we maintain a trustworthy relationship with all our clients and pays immense attention to parameters like timely delivery product reliability etc. FEATURES Of Boom Barriers 6 Meter:  Manual Release

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 Machine core with compression spring effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking.  Adjustable Left and Right side installations.  Motor cooling fan solving the problem of heat-protection.  Double safety limit switches photoelectricity limit switch/motor memory sensor  AutoClose function.  Can control by three-position switch or by the remote control unit operate “UP” ‘Down’ and ‘Stop’.  Duty Cycle 100  Support the external and internal Loop Detector optional  Traffic Light interface.  Wire control switch signal\ Remote control 418 Mhz  RS 485 Communication module optional  Compatible with Wiegand and RFID Readers.  Die-casting aluminum alloy motor precision and good at thermal radiating  Support the infrared photocell for anti-bumping function optional PRODUCT SPECIFICATION:  Model No: IDT PRO 6  Running Time: 6 sec  Boom Type: Telescopic Boom  Max Boom Length: 6 Mtr  Boom Dimension: 45 x 100 mm  Boom Weight: 6 kg  Duty Cycle: 100  Voltage: 220 V -/+ 10 110V -/+ 10  Frequency: 50 /60 Hz  Motor Torque: 280 Nm  Motor Current: 1.3 Amp  Motor Voltage: 220 V  Working Life Cycle: 5 Million  Power Consumption: 100 Watt  Working Temperature: -350C 850C

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 Humidity: 0 – 95  Protection Grade: IP 54  Weight: 50 – 60 kg Application Areas Of Boom Barriers 6 meter Airport Private and Government Offices Banks Hotels Inner Premises Prisons and other customized areas. We provider seller and distributor of Boom Barriers 6 meter deliver them for clients across all industries and across the length and breadth of India. We being the RFID products and automation solution provider for tracking identity and security have our HQ in Gurgaon Delhi-NCR India and we are providing the same for more than 15 years’ and have a long list of satisfied clients who have benefited from our boom barrier and other security products.

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