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IDP co-owned the IELTS test, which is the world most trusted English proficiency test, with over 9,000 prestige institutions and organisations accepting IELTS worldwide. IELTS is the only test that the UK government accepts if you want to go the UK. IDP is a certified IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Life Skills test center and is easy to get to by public transportation. For More Info,Please Visit:


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About us • IDP Education is a world leader in international student placement services. • Our global network of 100 offices helps students from 32 countries to study in Australia Canada New Zealand the USA and the UK. • One student is placed in an educational institution every 20 minutes across the globe.

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Canada • Canada hosts more than 250000 international students and has experienced a huge increase in demand from overseas students in recent years. • Canada is known for its natural beauty clean cities and first-rate healthcare and public transport systems. • According to the International Monetary Fund Canada is among the top 10 wealthiest nations in the world.

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Canada – Work and Study • Learn English in the top 10 location in the world • Learn the North American Accent while living in a Native English speaking country • Affordable price • Earn your certificate or diploma degree upon graduation • Get the international work experience • Meet new friends and get the multi-cultural experience from around the world

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UK • The UK offers a diverse and flexible range of courses in globally ranked institutions. • Courses in the UK education system are shorter and more intensive than many other countries so you will graduate sooner without compromising quality. • The quality of UK universities and colleges is assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency QAA. • Research standards are examined by the four UK higher education funding bodies who publish their findings every five years.

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UK - Education system • English language schools and pathway providers offer pre-university preparation either through English language courses or foundation-level courses. • Undergraduate bachelor degrees in the UK are essential for many top-level careers and are normally studied over three years in England and Wales and four years in Scotland. • Postgraduate degrees in the UK can be academic or focused on a particular industry you are looking to enter.

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UK - Faculty Interest • MA Law • MA Computer Science and IT • MA Engineering • Fashion Design • Accounting and Finance • Architecture • MBA • International Business • International Relations

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USA • The world’s most popular international student destination • More international students study in the USA than in any other country in the world – at the moment there are more than 750000. • Highest-ranked universities in the world • The USA has an established high-quality tertiary education system. • Diversity of geography culture and institutions • Huge sprawling campuses that feel like cities and small intimate campuses that feel like a collection of close friends. Tropical islands dry deserts snowy plains the Grand Canyon California and New York City. • Campus life • Living on campus in the USA can offer you the opportunity to enrich your educational experience and meet new friends.

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USA - Education system • Tertiary education is typically divided into: • Associate degrees • Undergraduate bachelor degrees • Graduate education master’s and PhDs/doctorates • USA universities place great significance on diversity meaning classes will consist of students of different ages religions and countries of origin. • Most classes will contain no more than 20 students and the professors will take the time to get to know students and their strengths and will usually be willing to spend time outside of class to offer further support.

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USA - Faculty Interest • Engineering • Civil Engineering • Energy • Finance • Financial Accounting • Logistics • International Business • Law • MBA • MBA No GMAT • STEM

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New Zealand • Universities - eight public universities in New Zealand which offer undergraduate bachelor and postgraduate degrees. • Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics - 22 Institutes of Technology or Polytechnics. Courses are usually vocational and skills-based ranging from certificate level through to bachelor degree and postgraduate level. • Private tertiary and training institutions - offer professional certificates diplomas and degrees in a diverse range of subjects including the arts hospitality computer studies quality management ecotourism and others.

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New Zealand • Teacher training - six government-funded institutions that specialise in teacher training. • English language training sector - Private English language schools offer a variety of courses for all ages including adventure business and academic programs. • Wãnanga - term for the Mãori providers of tertiary education and advanced study on Mãori tradition and custom usually in the Mãori language.

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New Zealand - Employment Prospects • Earn while you learn • An international education can be a strain on a student’s budget. In New Zealand most students enrolled in a course of 12 months duration or longer can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week during semester and during holiday periods. • After graduation • With skill shortages across various sectors in the New Zealand labour market graduates are in high demand in New Zealand. In particular there is a strong demand for skilled workers in the health information and communications technology agriculture and farming and engineering industries. • Students with skills in demand and who wish to stay in New Zealand long-term may apply for a Skilled Migrant visa which will allow them to live and work in New Zealand permanently.

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Contact us • More info: • Address: 313 Si Lom Silom Bang Rak Bangkok 10500 Thailand • Phone: +66 2 638 3111

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