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Kitchen The website is owned and run by Insight Retail Group Ltd.


Contemporary STYLE B&Q Cream Gloss IT Cream Gloss Slab Cream Gloss Handleless C&L Appleby Cream White Gloss IT White Slab White Gloss Handleless C&L Appleby White Red Gloss C&L High Gloss Red Black Gloss IT Gloss Black Slab Oak Effect IT Oak Style Slab

IT Cream Gloss Slab:

IT Cream Gloss Slab

Cooke & Lewis Appleby Cream:

Cooke & Lewis Appleby Cream

IT Gloss White Slab:

IT Gloss White Slab

Cooke & Lewis Appleby White:

Cooke & Lewis Appleby White

Cooke & Lewis High Gloss Red:

Cooke & Lewis High Gloss Red

IT Gloss Black Slab:

IT Gloss Black Slab

IT Oak Style Slab:

IT Oak Style Slab

Classic Styles:

Classic Styles STYLE B&Q White Tongue & Groove IT White Country Style Beech Shaker IT Beech Style Grey Painted Shaker C&L Carisbrooke Taupe Ivory Painted Shaker C&L Carisbrooke White Gloss White Integrated IT White Gloss Int handles

IT White Country Style:

IT White Country Style

IT Beech Style:

IT Beech Style

Cooke & Lewis Carisbrooke Taupe:

Cooke & Lewis Carisbrooke Taupe

Cooke & Lewis Carisbrooke White:

Cooke & Lewis Carisbrooke White

IT White Gloss Integrated Handles:

IT White Gloss Integrated Handles

Traditional Style:

Traditional Style STYLE B&Q Green Painted Shaker C&L Carisbrooke Green Oak Effect Shaker IT Oak Style Shaker Solid Oak Frame 1 IT Oak Veneer Shaker Solid Oak Frame 2 IT Solid Oak Solid Oak Frame 3 C&L Clevedon Oak Solid Oak Shaker C&L Solid Oak

Cooke & Lewis Carisbrooke Green:

Cooke & Lewis Carisbrooke Green

IT Oak Style Shaker:

IT Oak Style Shaker

IT Oak Veneer Shaker:

IT Oak Veneer Shaker

IT Solid Oak:

IT Solid Oak

Cooke & Lewis Clevedon Oak:

Cooke & Lewis Clevedon Oak

Cooke & Lewis Solid Oak:

Cooke & Lewis Solid Oak



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