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Eternal city of Rome:

Eternal city of Rome

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For two milleniums Rome has been the centre of western civilisation and culture, now it’s a home for two million people, but millions more come to visit making the city one of top touristic destinations.

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One of the biggest things that mark the city is most certainly colloseum which was built in ancient Rome.

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Massimo Siragusa has lived in Rome for 20 years. ‘’Colloseum has got great significance in Rome. For me this building represents all the mileniums city has survived’’ – says Massimo.

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The best way to explore Rome’s historic landmarks is probably on foot. It takes just a few minutes from colloseum to the Forum Romanum, once the political centre of ancient Rome.

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The main reason why rome is called eternal are these baroque buildings.

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‘’When you have a view from a higher point, you can really admire the city and all its glory. Especially in the evening…It’s spectacular! There’s no other city that can offer such magical sunsets’’ - comments Massimo.

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Romans themselves like to drive scooters, which are perfectly suited for little streets and aleys.

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Another fact about Rome is that it holds Vatican, the smallest independent country in the world. Thousands of roman catholics come here every year. That’s a great place for a photographer like Massimo.

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But Rome is also famous for its food, a restaurant or espresso bar is never far away.

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And when night comes around, Romans like to hang out in bars. There, they share news and gossip with their friends in a timeless ritual, probably as old as eternal city of Rome.


questions How old is Rome? Who’s Massimo Siragusa? Why does he like Rome so much? What’s Rome famous for? What’s so special about Vatican? Have you ever been to Rome?

new words:

new words probably-vjerojatno millenuim-tisućljeće ancient-drevno centre-središte view-pogled glory-slava fact-činjenica gossip-trač

Grammar spot:

Grammar spot Present perfect: -for two mileniums Rome has been centre of western civilisation. Reflexive pronouns: -Romans themselves like to drive scooters.

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Thank you! Presentation made by: david morhan 7.a

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