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Propolis By: Miron Hnatko 7.C.


Propolis This hive is buzzing with activity. New teams work in bees land every second. That brings a lot of dirt into the bee’s home, but the bee hive is cleaner than most hospitals. Why? Because the bees use an extra special desinfection what they make themselfs. It’s called propolis. Propolis also kills viruses and bacteria.

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The Egyptians used it for unboned there dead to stop proces. The Ancient Greek have used it to heal orders of the skin.

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In 20 century doctors and nurses also use propolis on infected wombs but by the end of the second world war, the era of propolis was finished.


Investigating Bee hive substance has many interesting and unexplored properties. Researchers from Bochum University are trying to uncover some of the secrets. They believe that propolis have something more.

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Propolis will not harm health but only konck-out cancer. Propolis is complex made up of around 200 different components.

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There is a major problem. Bees can pick up different ingredient s every year, depending on what they found in the wild.

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Researchers have made another spectacular discovery. Propolis is also an excellent virus killer. It may be able to stop HIV-the deadly virus.

Peter Reusch:

Peter Reusch ‘’ We actually have some proof that a part from use on cancer terapy, substances in propolis could be used to threath AIDS. We are still at the begining of this work. ’’

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The old bee recipe is set to be promising medicament for the future but that day is still far off. Bee keepers are not allowed to sell propolis as a medicament. People in Germany currently have just one medicament on offer, an oil for the skin .


Dictionary Medicament – lijek Ingredients – sastojci Substance – imanje Wombs – maternice Researchers – istraživači Hive – košnica


Questions 1.Propolis also kills bee’s and frogs. True or False? 2.What is HIV? 3.What propolis medicament does people in Germany currently have? 4.Why is bee hive cleaner than most hospitals?


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