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Welcome to my history:

Welcome to my history

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A rchaeologists found more than 1000 bones in the former hospital, now the park. They explored the bones and so come to the data on which the person does , how old he or she is , with many years dea d… They are almost back to life. Intro

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Hello, I am happy we met. I am Cristina Gabeman. I was born in Germany 06.10.791. I am married to Johan. I l iving and working in Basel. Here's what's left of me, 114 years after my death …

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My bones are in a museum in Basel. There, they study and reveal my history. They f ound my bones before 18 years in this beautiful park. That park before was hospital. My bones were found by archaeologists in the hospital courtyard.

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Gerha r d still working on my case. He says that from the human bones can discover everything about health, age, death … Each part of the bone has its own story, but you need to discover. This is very interesting and fascinating.

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Doctor's research about me, and here's who I am. My name is Gabeman Cristina . I died 856 year from diseases that are not even diagnose. Doctor’s that deal with the business using a variety of information to learn which are the bones. For now, I am the most interesting case. From my bones was discovered a year when I d ied .

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They don ’ t want to know only my year and place of birth … They want to know how I looked. They did the reconstruction of my face… I said: "I don ’ t look so bad for a 74 year old born before 200 years. ”

New words:

A rchaeologists -arheolozi Former -bivša Bones-kosti Reveal -otkriti Courtyard -dvorište Case -slučaj New words

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Diseases -bolesti Diagnose -dijagnosticirati Variety -različitim Reconstruction -rekonstruirati Da t a -podaci Married -udana Research -pretraživati

Grammar spot:

I l iving and working in Basel. - present continuous A rchaeologists found more than 1000 bones in the former hospital . - past simple I am the most interesting case. - superlativ I am married to Johan. - past simple Grammar spot


What was the born Cristina? Where she lives? When they found her bones? Who is still working on her case? That year she died and of what? What would doctors like to do? Questions

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