Larissa - A trolleybus driver - Vrančić Mateja 8a (2008)

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Larissa,a trolleybus driver : 

Larissa,a trolleybus driver Vrančić Mateja 8.a.

Larissa Karibova : 

Larissa Karibova Larissa is a middle-age women. She lives in Russia and works as a trolleybus driver. She has a family, but she can’t spend a lot of time with them because of her work...

Larissa’s day at work : 

Larissa’s day at work Every day Larissa gets up very early. She has to be at work around 3 o’clock in the morning. First she has to prepare trolleybus and make sure that everything is safe and ready for work.

... : 

... She often works in the morning because there’s no many people and because they are very friendly. She is a profesional driver.She works as a trolleybus driver for 3 years and she says that she really loves that job. In the morning is very cold so she likes summer more.

.... : 

.... Her first early morning passengers are two cleaners, who enjoy the journey. They say that it’s great because a woman is driving a trolleybus, and that that’s probably a reason why it is so nice and clean. She gets stuck in traffic every day. That can last even a few hours, so the passengers get out and go to the nearest underground station.

..... : 

..... Her shift ends in the afternoon. But before she leaves, she has to clean trolleybus and make sure that it is free of ice. And that is how she spends a day at work. She would like to spend a day with her family, but she has to go to bed early because around two o’clock she has to get up and go to work again.

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Questions : 

Questions Who is Larissa Karibova? What time does she wakes up to go to work?

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Who are her first morning passengers? When does her shift end? What does she has to do before she goes home?

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