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Knaus Caravans:

Domagoj Perak 8.b . Knaus Caravans


NEW WORDS! Out of date – izvan vremena Crisis – kriza Accommodation – smještaj Dutch – nizozemci Laid off – otpustiti Demand - potražnja

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There are several reasons why business starts going down. It could be that your product is out of date, or that times are to tough people to go out and spend money on something they don’ t really need.

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During the financial crisis, holidays took back seats for many Germans and so did the luxuries home on wheels. After appeared of steady growth, sales of new caravan dropped drusticly from 2,9 billion euros in 2008. to 1,8 – 2 billion in 2009. Industry was hard hit including Caravans Tabbert – the Bavarian caravan specialist .

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In october 2008. the company was near to bankrupt. That wasn’ t the end of the road for company. Today, thanks to a new and more succesfull concept Knaus Tobbert is back.

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Vacation paradise in Bavaria is a magnet for all sort of visitors, especially those who bring their own accommodation.

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Dutch are known as a caravan people, and Langevelds are good example. Mom, dad and three kids plus two dogs, all comfortable housed in their camper van.

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It’s not uncomfortable at all, it’s great. You can stop where you want and make cup of coffe and you always have everything you need – says Nico Langeveld

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Just a few kilometers away, there is a Knaus Tabbert recreation vehicle factory. It was bankrupt in 2008 but now is back in business. Practically, everything there is done by hand but production rate is far from slow.

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When the company was broke, all of the workers were laid off, but eventually Knaus Tobbert bounced back and 500 of 700 workers were rehired.

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Now, the production is strictly oriented to actual demand.

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Since joining the company, Guiseppe Marcon got a plenty of experience holidaying with a trailer. This summer he will visit Italy with his family.


GRAMMAR! Past simple -...holidays took back seats... Present passive -...everything there is done by hand. Future simple -This summer he will visit ...


Questions! When was the company near to bankrupt? Thanks to what is Knaus Tobbert back? Who is known as a caravan people? Which counry will Guiseppe Marcon visit?

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