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Acoustic doors are become one of the main part of every building.Ideal is one of the UAE based leading company in the field of manufacturing and marketing of acoustic doors. Visit :


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Acoustic Doors And What You Need To Know Presented By Ideal Special Products

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Uses of acoustic doors ● To make the rooms soundproof acoustic doors are used. ● Sometimes these doors are used to make the complete building soundproof. ● Acoustic doors absorbs sound cut down the amplitude or decrease the transmission of sounds in a building. .

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Where Acoustic Doors Are Required ● Places like music studios and recording rooms are the main places where you can find the acoustic doors. ● any people prefer to install these acoustic doors at the time of new construction to protect privacy as well as for the security purpose. ● Even many universities coaching classes prefer these doors for the outside noise cancellation.

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How The Testing Certification of Acoustic Doors Take Place ● The doors are independently tested through various ranges of frequencies. ● These steel doors can be used in conjunction with reinforced walls to effectually lower noise transmission and muffle sound. ● Every acoustic door come with a certificate that makes it the authentic one.

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Steel Acoustic Doors For Security Purpose ● For the best sound performance by all the instruments music studio needs to contain the sound. ● These places are mostly equipped with standard inventory of music as well as expensive instruments means they must require the high level of security. ● The steel doors provide the best security and keep the expensive items safe .

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Professional Acoustic door manufacturers If you have any plan to buy acoustic doors for your building get it from Ideal - the best acoustic door manufacturers Dubai.

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Contact us Ideal special products fzc Ajman Free zone Gate No.4 Ajman U.A.E Tel: +971 6 7404840 Fax: +971 6 7404983 EMAIL: Website

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