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After examining the all Idea buyer Opinions. The Idea buyer is now proceeding to offer the business management ideas for the small and significant business development.


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Business Management Learning and Teaching Approaches – Advice and Guidance for Practitioners:

Business Management Learning and Teaching Approaches – Advice and Guidance for Practitioners National 5 Understanding Business

Understanding Business:

Understanding Business Business activities Customer satisfaction Business objectives Business stakeholders External/internal factors affecting businesses Wealth creation Corporate social responsibility and ethics Business in society The potential recommended learning and educating techniques that follow present the opportunity look around the following subjects in more detail in order to boost knowledge and knowledge of this device of study. For most actions, a range of working techniques and demonstration press remain to practitioner/learner choice. Use of ICT for some actions is suggested and web research will be a fundamental element of several suggested techniques. These suggested student techniques can be tailored to fit the needs of experts.

Starting Up:

Starting Up Adolescents may consider three options for their future: further knowledge, career or training. The often-forgotten 4th option is one we can analyze here: business, i.e. starting your own business. Learners could use the given meaning of operator and match it up to the information in the movie. After viewing it video of Jonathan Levie , conversation subjects are recommended in the following slips for students to further discover this subject.

What is an Entrepreneur?:

What is an Entrepreneur? Hint: Students could use the Jonathan Levie meeting records to help them with the conversation topics ? Students could use available sources to recommend explanations and/or explanations of an business owner. Key styles in the video could aid their research i.e. Knowledge, opportunist, qualifications, assurance, drive etc.

Enterpreneurship - 1:

Enterpreneurship - 1 Jonathan Levie outlines several skills and qualities he thinks are important in an entrepreneur Students could talk about whether they believe this perspective and may build a team record of abilities and features which they think would be essential in an business owner. It may be useful for learners to differentiate what is a ‘skill’ and what is a ‘quality’ during their conversation. Learners could be requested to consider whether they could be an business owner or head now… or in the upcoming.

Enterpreneurship - 2:

Enterpreneurship - 2 It requests 'Why does Scotland need more entrepreneurs?' Jonathan Levie describes his viewpoint here – how could this immediate students to comprehend or discover where business ‘fits’ into Scotland’s economy? How does advancement help Scotland to flourish? The plan given as exemplification in the Guidance and Assistance Notices could be used either as the groundwork for their conversation or students could generate their own plan displaying the relationships between company and the different areas of Scotland’s community impacted by business ?

Enterpreneurship - 3:

Enterpreneurship - 3 ' Being an entrepreneur isn’t necessarily about risk taking' The above quotation from the video could be used for student conversation or conversation or to immediate individual reactions from students. In addition, students could create what it really the range of threats that may participate in starting their own corporation. Could learners be guided to consider personal risks, economical risks and social risks in this context?


This movie information the life and work of Mick Fitzgibbons, one of Scotland's most popular and effective business owners. It opinions Mick's concepts and values about business, marketing, management and public liability in business. Mick explains the development and achievements of two of his significant businesses - and the WildHearts Base, a non-profit business – both indicating great advancement. Students could use the meeting with the conversation subjects worksheet which gives recommended subjects for further analysis or conversation. Enterpreneurship – 4 Mick Jackson – An Inspiring Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship – 5 : To boldly go…..:

Entrepreneurship – 5 : To boldly go….. Entrepreneurs may do 1 of 2 things to start a business enterprise: Create a new product to fill a gap in the market OR Improve an existing product in a new way These movie sources could be used to immediate student conversation or analysis on regional or popular business owners or companies. There could be particular focus on Scottish based business or business owners to contextualise this understanding how to previously conversation or research. Learners could be advised in their analysis or conversation by the following questions: What motivated them? What threats did they run? How did they increase the fund they needed? Did they be successful easily or experience setbacks? Use these hyperlinks for some inspiring stories from around the world!

Entrepreneurship - 6:

Entrepreneurship - 6 Jonathan Levie describes that while benefit is significant, his viewpoint is that additional aspects are equally essential to Scottish business owners, such as customer care, creating new products, and ‘giving back’ to Scotland as their country and community. The following strategy indicates how students could take consideration of these aspects into consideration and is described further in the next slide:


Learners could be asked to identify a Scottish business (local or national) and examine their approach to: Profit Customer Satisfaction Innovation and Product Development Social Responsibility Further conversation or analysis by students may examine the effect each of these aspects would have on the company, its’ neighborhood, and Scotland as a whole.

So – What IS an Entrepreneur?:

So – What IS an Entrepreneur? This link provides a series of statements given by business owners about what they think an entrepreneur is. Suggested approaches for this resource could be: Students building their own concepts using key styles from the claims given. Using the variety of claims to allow learners to pick the one they recognize with most and justifying their option. Learners choosing one declaration and putting it on to an business owner (local or well-known nationally) that they think it appropriate to. Education Scotland

Over to you……:

Over to you…… It’s time to put thoughts into action. The circulation plan offered reveals a step-by-step way of building an business from an idea. This could be used to assist students through the process of developing their own business. Learners could concentrate on making a remedy for an current problem impacting their team, university, team or a worldwide issue; or could concentrate on stuffing a gap in a market with a new product. Learners could work in several ways single, categories or sets according to their particular concepts. The Business Plan could be used to help framework students concepts. Business Planning Use the hyperlink to build a Business Plan!

Role of Business in Society:

Role of Business in Society What goes on in a company organisation ? What kind of actions do companies and other organizations do? How does company play a role, and have a positive change on, society? Let’s look at an example of a company company and discover how students can examine solutions to the above questions…


From small origins in 2003, Oban Candy Co has expanded continuously to become an recognized company with a assortment, new property and improved number of workers. The starting and development of the company is described here by Sally McKechnie who set up the company with spouse Stuart – both from Oban. They feel the company is an motivation to adolescents and desire to open up more stores in the long run.

Theory into Practice :

Theory into Practice Students could be forwarded to earlier work on abilities and features to explain operator giving more importance to this research research . Learners could sum up their thoughts on the skill-sets and features shown by the research research entrepreneurs perhaps being asked to use illustrations from the video to emphasize their points. This could be done using ICT through a Podcast, demonstration software or similar.

Business Activity – 1:

Business Activity – 1 Learners could use the case study to: Choose whether the presented company functions in the Main, Additional or Tertiary areas of industry Discuss whether this company functions in more than one sector Discuss/research and recommend explanation why they may do this?

Business Activity – 2:

Business Activity – 2 Learners could use the website for the business featured in the case study to: Summarise /discuss all of the actions that this company is associated with. This could be an dental conclusion or be created in composing, as an exhibition, or using a Podcast or video For each action students could describe what market of market the company is working in and how this action benefits the company. Oban Chocolate Co

Business Activity – 3:

Business Activity – 3 Students could research small business owners or entrepreneurs that may be familiar to them using the following recommended methods: Interviews with businesses Inviting a business to speak to the group Internet Research Local media articles on businesses Personal knowledge/experience Using the information they profit from this research, students could evaluate how the small company was started with their own company strategy plan designed previously – what training could be discovered from this real, regional business?

The Aim of the Game: Business Objectives – 1:

The Aim of the Game: Business Objectives – 1 The following link could be used to give learners initial information on business objectives Business Activity & Objectives Students could be instructed to discuss the information on Private Industry business goals with regards to either: The research business A local or nationwide business Learners could produce their own diagram to illustrate their findings here.

Over to You….:

Over to You…. Students could use the Business owners Community web page to perspective a variety of discussions with entrepreneurs. This source could be used to ask learners: Students could generate their own review of why they find this business owner motivational and what advice they may give to Scotland’s upcoming business owners. Which business owner motivates them and why? This conclusion could be designed to be dental, published or provided digitally. Entrepreneurs Forum

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