7 Things Not To Say To your Ex

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Why do we react so differently to things our partners say compared to what friends and acquaintances say to us? When your pals are talking to you, you tend to skim the surface of their words.


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1 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed HowToGetExBack BONUS by Justin Sinclair Seven Things NOT To Say To Your Ex Why Do We React So Differently ...................................... 2 1. I Miss You So Much If You Don’t Come Back... .. 4 2. This Is Your Fault .................................................................. 6 3. To Much Talking In General ........................................... 7 4. Any Kind of Lie About How Great Your Doing .... 9 5. Want to Do It One Last Time ..................................... 10 6. I Hate You ............................................................................. 11 7. I Love You ............................................................................. 12 7 Things NOT to say to your Ex If you want them back www.HowToGetExBack.com

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2 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed Why do we react so diferently Why do we react so diferently to things our partners say compared to what friends and acquaintances say to us When your pals are talking to you you tend to skim the surface of their words. But when you’re in a relationship the strong emotions between you drive you to analyze every word and fnd implications that your partner might not have even intended. When you’re broken up the emotional stakes have never been higher. Every word you exchange is packed with feeling and has the bother to make both of you melt or fy into an uncontrollable rage. In my How To Get Ex Back course I show people how to fnd the precise words they need to say to get their exes back. But what about the opposite What about those things you should never ever ever say if you want to win their hearts again

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3 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed Let me talk you through some of those things right now. You may cringe a little and think “oh god I said those things they’ll never take me back”. DON’T PANIC It’s still possible to win their hearts back and my course tells you exactly how to do that. But please make yourself a solemn promise right now. Raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I swear that from this moment forth I shall never ever say these things to my ex.”

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4 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed 1. I miss you so much. If you don’t come back I will… Tis is something that might seem justifed in your head. Someone is hurting you so you should just ask them to stop hurting you. And why not illustrate that by showing the consequences of their actions. Remember though that you’ve got a goal here: to get your ex back. Tis is not helping in any way shape or form. People can threaten their exes with all kinds of thing. You might say “If you don’t come back I will never love again” or “I will always be lonely”. And that might feel true and yes it feels good to say that out loud to your ex. But all they hear is “I’m hurting and it’s your fault”. Even if you think you’re saying it in a nice or romantic way you’re still piling this whole heap of emotional pressure on them and that’s not going to make them come back. It’s going to drive them away. You might take a diferent approach like “If you don’t come back I will keep trying to change you’re mind. I’ll never give up.” Now this might just be how you feel or you might intend it as a show of your devotion and love.

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5 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed You know what they’re hearing Tey hear this: CLANG Tat’s the sound of a prison door being slammed shut. Tey’re trapped and claustrophobic. Tey’re not thinking of how much they love you they’re panicking over how to get the hell away from you. Te worst one of all is to threaten to harm yourself in some way if they don’t come back. Tis is a terrible situation to put anyone in and your ex will now be worried – legitimately - about your wellbeing. Never ever say this. If you have said it ofer your sincerest apologies and make it clear that they have nothing to worry about.

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6 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed 2. This is your fault. Sometimes it’s really hard to keep this one in especially when it is actually their fault. You probably already know that pointing fngers isn’t going to help win your ex back but lets stop and take a look at exactly why this is such a lousy strategy. In my How To Get Ex Back course I explain something you may not realize just yet. Your relationship really is over and gone for good now. But that’s okay because you get to build a brand-new much better relationship with your ex. Part of that process is eventually going to involve talking about what went wrong the frst time and how you can avoid it this time. But that’s much much further down the line. If you’re still at the breakup stage and you’re talking about blame then you’re not building a new relationship you’re reliving the old one and that’s not going to make anyone fall in love. Imagine if you went to a car dealership and the salesman instead of telling you about a new car just kept talking about how awful your old car was. Tat would be a pretty lousy sales technique right Yet that’s pretty much what you’re doing by digging up old painful memories again and again.

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7 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed 3. Too much talking in general A little while back I mentioned how sometimes your words can sound like the heavy clang of a prison door swinging shut. It’s easy to make your ex feel like that at this stage of the relationship if you don’t choose your words carefully. Even if you are careful and considerate in what you say they might be feeling like they’re living in Alcatraz if you simply say too much. You know what I mean You text them in the morning to say “Hey hope you have a great day” Ten you text them again at work to ask how their jobs is going. Ten you send them a photo of your lunch. Ten you ask them what they’re up to later and tell them all your plans in detail. Ten you basically liveblog your evening for them giving every detail like “Hmmm thinking of taking a shower”. Ten one fnal message to wish them pleasant dreams before the whole process starts again in the morning. Even if nothing you say is in any way controversial you’re absolutely smothering them if you keep bombarding them like this.

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8 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed If you guys are broken up then they’re going to need a little space to think about things and get their emotions in order. Tey can’t do that when you’re forever yapping at them. You know that old saying about “if you love something set it free” Tere’s so much truth in that saying. You don’t have to let your ex go entirely. But it’s essential that you give them space and avoid making them feel trapped.

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9 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed 4. Any kind of lie about how great you’re doing “Just been kayaking with Beyonce now I’m of for my blind date” Tose who’ve read my How To Get Ex Back course will know that it’s vital to make yourself alluring and interesting and maybe even inspire a little jealousy if you want to get that special person back. However this needs to be done in a very specifc way as outlined in my course. What you should never do is just make up a bunch of stuf about how awesome your life is in the hope that they’ll come running back to you. Reason number one: you might get caught out and if you do you will look pathetic. Tere’s also the element of desperation to it all. So you’re at an awesome party and having the time of your life but you stopped at 3am to tell your ex All that means is that no matter how much fun you’re having you’re still thinking of them. And why should you lie anyway Why pretend to be having a good time Why not actually get out there and reconnect with the world T rust me I know that a broken heart can destroy your appetite for life but if you can fnd the drive to get back out there and take your place in the world you won’t have to lie about enjoying your life.

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10 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed 5. Want to do it one last time Sometimes you might miss your ex for physical as well as emotional reasons. Tat’s fne congratulations if you guys have a great sexual chemistry. Te temptation to have one last paddle in the canoe might be overwhelming at times but it’s rarely a good idea. If the physical side is all you care about then you really need to ask yourself if it’s not just time you moved on. No matter what your preferences sex with someone you love is always better than sex with someone you don’t really care about. If you do want that emotional relationship back then having sex again is very risky. Tere’s a chance of feeling used and dirty afterwards especially if there’s still no sign of a relationship. And the intensity of sex makes it harder to navigate those emotions and get to a place where you two are comfortable together again. If you’re thinking of using sex as a bargaining tool to get them to talk to you again please don’t. Don’t put out in the hope that they’ll start talking to you. Te only way to get honest emotionally valid conver- sations with your ex is to make a meaningful connection. It’s hard to do that naked.

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11 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed 6. I hate you As we’ve already seen there are some very intense emotions during a breakup and often these can be dark angry emotions. Tat’s fne and completely natural. And it’s okay to express your feelings in open honest communication. Sometimes though you might fnd yourself fghting the urge to tear them a new one. Fight it because it’s not going to help matters one bit. All of that rage that anger that love that sometimes feels a little like hate all of those things are really the same emotion: frustration. You’re frustrated about the things you never said. You’re frustrated about the things you did say which they never really understood. And you’re frustrated that they’re not where they should be which is with you. Frustration makes you want to scream but actually the remedy for frustration is patience. Your negative emotions are something that need to be released slowly over time. Tey’re not going to get released by shouting in your ex’s face.

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12 Click here to join HowToGetExBack.com and get your EX back - guaranteed 7. I love you Te three most complex words in the English language. We feel such joy when they are spoken to us. Sometimes. Other times we feel fear or embarrassment or irritation. Or maybe just nothing at all. It depends who’s talking. Saying “I love you” to an ex is the ultimate Hail Mary play. You’re pinning all your hopes on those three little words and you’re praying that the response will be “I love you too”. However it rarely is. “I love you” is so overpowering to an ex that it’s unlikely to make them want you back unless the specifc problem was that they didn’t feel loved. And “I love you” is really a statement about you. It’s about how you feel and what you want. It doesn’t really cover their feelings and needs. So in a way it’s a little selfsh to say “I love you” to someone who doesn’t want to hear it. Taking the focus of your needs and moving it to their needs is a big part of my How To Get Ex Back course and it’s critical to rekindling a dying romance. Love is a two-way street and for everything you receive you’re prepared to give something back. Once they understand this they’ll be ready to accept you back into their lives.

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