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On-line Examination.:

On-line Examination. S.G.Isave, Assistant Professor, Tilak College of Education, Pune-India

Features :

sgisave@ymail.com 2 Features Question paper, answer sheet or response sheet and generally result declaration through Internet or Intranet. Objective type questions. Answer on clicking.

Features :

sgisave@ymail.com 3 Features Correction facility is optional. Computerized result. Instant result is possible. Question paper can be accessed through CD/DVD, intranet or internet web server.

Advantages :

sgisave@ymail.com 4 Advantages Beyond geographical limits. High Confidentiality Paperless. Minimizing copy. Less requirement of personnel. Immediate feedback. Time saving.

Limitations :

sgisave@ymail.com 5 Limitations Expensive. Not suitable for descriptive questions. Many question paper need to prepared. Higher level thinking can’t be assessed. Difficult to develop a computerized question paper and answer key.

Limitations :

sgisave@ymail.com 6 Limitations Technical problems. Electricity load shading. Internet Bandwidth. Mouse-keyboard mistakes. Software problems. Virus threats.

Limitations :

sgisave@ymail.com 7 Limitations Eye-sight problems. Sitting problems. Difficulties for inclusion of challenged students. Time consuming because not many students can appear at a time.

Download, improve, use and feedback :

sgisave@ymail.com 8 Download, improve, use and feedback

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