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The presentation was given on the workshop for the orientation of BED111A intel practical B.Ed. syllabus of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. After the presentation scope was modified by participant teacher educators, which are not included in the presentation.


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Savitribai Phule Pune University B.Ed. 2015-17 BED111A : Critical Understanding of ICT : Intel Teach to the Future Program for Pre-Service Teachers at, Vidya Pratishthan’s College of Education, Baramati by, :

Savitribai Phule Pune University B.Ed. 2015-17 BED111A : Critical Understanding of ICT : Intel Teach to the Future Program for Pre-Service Teachers at, Vidya Pratishthan’s College of Education, Baramati by, Suresh G. Isave Associate Professor, Tilak College of Education, Pune

BED111A : Critical Understanding of ICT - Intel Teach to the Future Program:

BED111A : Critical Understanding of ICT - Intel Teach to the Future Program Credits – One Hours - 16 Marks – 25 Based on Intel Teach to the Future program 10.1 version- for Pre-Service Teachers. 12/29/2015 2

Guidelines :

Guidelines It should be done in pair or alone . Two student-teachers will work together collaboratively and contribute in all end products of the practical. The topic selected for the practical should belongs to method subjects or life skills, values and core elements. 12/29/2015 3


Guidelines One standard should assume for the topic. Project Based Learning approach should be adapted for the practical. 12/29/2015 4

Guidelines :

Guidelines Student-teachers will assume both role while preparing documents. i.e. as a student and teacher as well. All the documents in the practical are related with each other. On each document, names of students and Prof. in-charge should be mentioned. 12/29/2015 5


Guidelines All documents should be saved in proper folder. Microsoft software should preferred to prepare all documents. Soft and Hard copy of the practical should be preserved. 12/29/2015 6

Folder Portfolio:

Folder Portfolio 12/29/2015 7

Documents :

Documents Unit Plan Template Publication on the Theory of Project Based Learning Presentation to gauge students need Student’s Presentation/ blog/ publisher/ video/ animation/wiki etc. on the topic Evaluation tool to assess student’s presentation/blog etc. 12/29/2015 8


Documents Teachers presentation & implementation plan is omitted from last academic year, because of repetition of the same in the unit plan template. The documents mentioned are minimum, one can create many more under the guidance of professor in-charge. 12/29/2015 9

Evaluation Scheme:

Evaluation Scheme 12/29/2015 10 Sr.No End Product Folder Marks 1 2 3 4 5 1 Unit Plan Template Unit_Plan 2 Newsletter/Brochure on Project based learning in MS Publisher software Unit_Support 3 Teacher’s Presentation to Gauge Students’ Need Assessment 4 Student’s Presentation (Power Point/Blog/Wiki etc.) Student_ Sample 5 Evaluation Tool for Students Presentation (Power Point/Blog/Wiki etc.) Assessment 6 Exploration ( Images, video, audio clips etc. collection for the project) Images_ Sounds 7. Folder Management ( All documents saved properly in the folder and proper naming to the files and folders) 8. Overall Individual Contribution in the project ( Regularity, Preparedness & Sincerity) 9. Showcasing ( Computer skills, Presentation skills, and Project skills) 10. Workbook ( Neatness and Completeness) Marks out of - 50 Marks converted out of 25

1.Unit Plan Template:

1.Unit Plan Template This a lesson plan kind of the project. Details of the project should be filled up in the respective row. It’s an outline of a plan of project. The format is available on Intel CD. It is in MS word format. Should save in Unit Plan Folder . P repare it as a TEACHER . 12/29/2015 11

2.Newsletter / Brochure ( Publisher ):

2.Newsletter / Brochure ( Publisher ) Topic of the publication should be Project based L earning. (PBL) Plagiarism should be avoided. Text and images are expected. It should be done in MS Publisher . Save in ‘Unit Support’ Folder’. Prepare it as a TEACHER. 12/29/2015 12

3. Teacher’s Presentation to Gauge Students Need:

3. Teacher’s Presentation to Gauge Students Need Teacher’s presentation to gauge students need is an orientation presentation, which would given by a teacher to the students when she is giving project to them. Give a brief information about a topic selected for project. Share tentative work distribution and time schedule. 12/29/2015 13

3. Teacher’s Presentation to Gauge Students Need:

3. Teacher’s Presentation to Gauge Students Need References for more reading. Prepare it as a TEACHER. Save in ‘Assessment’ folder. It should be in MS power point. 12/29/2015 14

4.Student’s Presentation:

4.Student’s Presentation Prepare it as a STUDENT. Save in ‘students sample’ folder. Put all the content of the selected topic. Add images, graphs, diagrams, maps, audio-video etc. Prepare it in MS Power Point Presentation or Publisher or Blog or wiki etc. any other presentation software 12/29/2015 15

5. Evaluation Tool:

5. Evaluation Tool Prepare it as a Teacher. Save in ‘Assessment’ folder. P repare an tools to evaluate the students presentation, rating scale is preferable. It could be an evaluation tool for presentation or publisher or blog etc. Include at least two aspects in tool i.e. technology and content. 12/29/2015 16

5. A Rating scale to Assess a Power Point Presentation:

5. A Rating scale to Assess a Power Point Presentation 12/29/2015 17 Sr. No. Criterion 1 2 3 4 5 1 Accuracy of the Content 2 Updateness of the Content 3 Originality of the Content 4 Us of proper terminology of the subject 5 Use of appropriate Media in the program 6 Duration / Length of the presentation 7 Background and font design 8 Animations and Transitions 9 Content – Technology Synchronization 10 Overall Impression Total out 50 Rating Scale 1) Unsatisfactory 2) Average 3) Satisfactory 4) Good 5) Excellent

6. Exploration:

6. Exploration Save in ‘Images and Sound’ folder. Do it as a STUDENT . It is the collection of all media that students have collected for the project. Save all media in forms of images, video, audio clips, charts, docs, e-books etc. 12/29/2015 18

7.Folder Management:

7.Folder Management All files should be saved in the given folder only. Titles of folders and files should be as it is given in Intel program. Main program folder must consists of names of the both students and prof . in-charge. 12/29/2015 19

8.Overall Individual Contribution in the project:

8.Overall Individual Contribution in the project Regularity Preparedness Sincerity Skillfulness Variety in media Originality of the content 12/29/2015 20

9. Showcasing:

9. Showcasing It is an activity of the presentation of the project in the group. There should be pedagogical discussion on the project e.g. challenges, weakness and advantages of the progress and judicious use of the technology in PBL. All documents should be presented by both students in the presence of Prof. in-charge. 12/29/2015 21

10. Workbook:

10. Workbook As per curriculum, hard copy should be maintained of the activity. The workbook would be treated as a hard copy of the project. The workbook should be signed by Prof. in-charge of the group. 12/29/2015 22


10.Workbook A workbook should be a planner for the project. Prints of all the documents should be included in a workbook. A workbook should be provided to students by the college in proper format. 12/29/2015 23

For details:

For details Refer B.Ed. 2015-17 Curriculum. Refer Intel Teach to the Future 10.1 version study printed book and a CD. Log on to site for philosophical foundations of the program and samples 12/29/2015 24

Thank You Very Much !:

Thank You Very Much ! This is a personal document not official one 12/29/2015 25

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