Structure of Geo Sub and Geo Room

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Its very brief presenation on struc


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Structure of Geography Subject:

Structure of Geography Subject Suresh G. Isave, Associate Professor, Tilak College of Education, Pune

Questions :

Questions What is structure of Geography subject ? Explain the advantages of the study of Geography subject structure. 3/10/2015 2

What is structure :

What is structure Structure is the comprehensive framework of subunit and units within the braches of a particular subject. 3/10/2015 3


Structure Subject structure – Overall structure of Geography as a subject Level wise structure – Geography subject structure on Primary/Secondary/Higher Secondary level Standard wise structure – Geography structure of 9 th 3/10/2015 4

Structure of Geography:

Structure of Geography 3/10/2015 5

Advantages of study of the structure :

Advantages of study of the structure To get comprehensive idea of a subject To set objectives of Geography Subject To understand the correlation amongst unit subunits from various branch. 3/10/2015 6

Advantages of study of the structure :

Advantages of study of the structure To make unit plan and Years plan of Geography more meaningful To prepare teaching aids To establish logical link new topic with previous one. To evaluate more comprehensive 3/10/2015 7

Geography Room in school:

Geography Room in school 3/10/2015 8

Structure of Geo Room:

Structure of Geo Room Instruments Tables Stationary Flexi setting Models, samples Computer and internet Geography CD/DVDs Books, atlas, maps Teaching Aids 3/10/2015 9

Advantages of Geo Room/Lab:

Advantages of Geo Room/Lab To Create interest in Geography To learn functional concepts in Geography To acquire skills related to diagram, map and graph To perform practical related to instrument 3/10/2015 10

Advantages of Geography Room:

Advantages of Geography Room To display images, news, diagrams etc To exhibit samples To prepare models To expend quality time To demonstrate 3/10/2015 11

Think and Elaborate !:

Think and Elaborate ! 3/10/2015 12

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