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It is useful to understand the basic concepts of curriculum and syllabus along with types of constructions of curriculum


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Curriculum & Syllabus:

Curriculum & Syllabus Suresh G Isave Associate Professor, Tilak College of Education, Pune-India

Curriculum :

Curriculum The term, ‘curriculum’ is derived from the  Latin word " Currere " which means to run/to proceed. Currere refers to the ‘course of deeds and experiences through which children grow to become mature adults.’ 3/3/2015 2

Curriculum :

Curriculum It’s a framework for a level. Level objectives, no. of subjects, structure of each subject, working hours, nature of evaluation, assignments, etc. are given in curriculum . 3/3/2015 3


Curriculum For B.Ed. For Secondary education For Primary education For Diploma level 3/3/2015 4

Syllabus :

Syllabus A syllabus gives a more focused outline for particular subjects. 3/3/2015 5

Syllabus :

Syllabus Of Geo Method in B.Ed. Of Geo of STD 9 th Of EVS of STD 6 th Of Computer course 3/3/2015 6

Curriculum v/s Syllabus :

Curriculum v/s Syllabus All Subjects, including CCA, for Level , Broad objectives, Each subject/activity for subject only Subject specific objectives 3/3/2015 7

Curriculum v/s Syllabus :

Curriculum v/s Syllabus General guidelines Baseline for syllabus More useful for administration Details and specific Baseline for textbook More useful for teachers 3/3/2015 8

Methods of Curriculum Construction :

Methods of Curriculum Construction 3/3/2015 9

Slide 10:

3/3/2015 10

Concentric :

Concentric Unit : Climate 3/3/2015 11

Concentric :

Concentric Same unit is included on different standards. With increasing difficulty level, and details Examples - 3/3/2015 12

Regional Methods:

Regional Methods 3/3/2015 13

Regional Method:

Regional Method The study starts From local to global. Geographical distance increase as with standards 3/3/2015 14

Linear Method:

Linear Method Secondary Level : Maharashtra 3/3/2015 15

Linear Method:

Linear Method A main concept is divided in to subunits. First few sub units covered on lower level, remaining covered on next level. Example - 3/3/2015 16

Unit Method:

Unit Method The topic is not related with other topics in the syllabus. The topic is from different branch of the subject . Example – generally last unit is from practical Geography. 3/3/2015 17

Mixed Method:

Mixed Method 3/3/2015 18

Mixed Method:

Mixed Method In mixed method curriculum two or more methods are used to construct a curriculum. It’s a combination of variety of methods. Few topics by regional, few by unit method and few by concentric. Generally this methods adapted school level. 3/3/2015 19

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Thank You ! The presentation is gives brief description. Teachers need to upgrade it before use in classroom. If you download and use it, please give feedback. 3/3/2015 20

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