Paradigm shift dut to ICT

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The presentation is useful to understand how ICT can impact on the paradigm shift in Education.


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Paradigm Shift in Education due to ICT:

Paradigm Shift in Education due to ICT Suresh G. Isave Associate Professor, Tilak College of Education, Pune India

Paradigm shift from teaching to learning:

Paradigm shift from teaching to learning Education system becomes more student-centric. ICT provided many means of learning in addition to teaching. ICT is complimentary to teaching. 9/22/2014 2

Curriculum :

Curriculum Learning load instead of teaching workload More flexible Rapidly updating Variety in Assignments More challenging Scope for self learning 9/22/2014 3

Methods of Teaching :

Methods of Teaching More interesting Near to real experiences Technology oriented/Assisted Skill based rather than purely content based Activity based Experimentation of methods 9/22/2014 4

Role of a Teacher :

Role of a Teacher Facilitator Knowledge processor Instructor Guide Mentor 9/22/2014 5

Classroom Environment :

Classroom Environment Virtual classrooms Smart classroom Flexi setting classroom Blended classroom Activity oriented More Exposure 9/22/2014 6

Evaluation Procedure :

Evaluation Procedure Traditionally unseen aspect comes in focus online exams Immediate feedback Graphical presentation Paper less tests 9/22/2014 7

Education Management :

Education Management Faster Minimum space Paperless office Systematic record keeping Easier Communication with all stake holder i.e. parents, community, govt. etc. Quick actions 9/22/2014 8

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