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Iconic Furniture, a renowned lighting store Mississauga, has in store many captivating lighting ideas that'll illuminate your imagination. These are much more than what all you needed to tweak the ambience back home a bit.


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Iconic Furnitures new age Decorative Lighting Trends For 2017 As a brand new year has almost crossed its first quarter its about time you bring new age designs to your home. Iconic Furniture a renowned lighting store Mississauga has in store many captivating lighting ideas thatll illuminate your imagination. These are much more than what all you needed to tweak the ambience back home a bit. With a collection that boasts of sophisticated designer wall lamps pendants chandeliers floor lamps and table lamps designers at Iconic have left no stone unturned to produce eyeball grabbing designs. Lets take a look at some interesting features of this collection. 1 Pendant Lamps Pendant lamps hold the power to dramatize any part of home. Ideal for kitchen and living rooms the new collection of pendants offer many new creative shapes. From teardrop to round units arranged in a linear or spiral fashion pendant lamps are available in an array of finishes. Most noteworthy are the glass pendant lamps in chrome finish. Very exquisite and very stylish indeed. Thread length is adjustable according to the required height. 2 Antique Brass Collection Antique Brass is a finish which is evergreen. The new range comprises of many wall lamps ceiling lamps and floor lamps in antique brass finish. If you desire a complete Victorian styled home this look is apt for you. These lamps retain the old world charm in your home. 3 Chrome Finished Floor Lamps Be ready to be floored by the new floor lamp collection. Intricately designed lamps in chrome finish are your best bet if youre inclined towards a more contemporary style. Chrome finish is definitely in when it comes to lamps and is available in wall lamps chandeliers and table lamps as well. 4 Unique Color Palette Iconic has proved to be quite a trendsetter when it comes to choosing bold colors for its pendant lamp

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collection. From fiery red to vibrant yellow optimal use of bright hues is conspicuous in the latest collection. If you are more experimental with what adorns your living room or want to match the bold laminate cabinets of your kitchen you know where to find what you need. 5 Energy Saving Solutions The whole world is going green and lean. Its all about energy conservation and clean energy alternatives are being adopted worldwide. Iconic is not behind in its energy saving endeavors. It offers an alternative to halogen lamps in the form of LED lamps. You can choose the latter option thatll help you save massively on power consumption. With new age designing trends Iconic Furniture raises the bar with every collection. Each year designers dont fail to surprise. A lot of interesting and quirky elements are incorporated that help in creating genuine masterpieces.

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