Cosy Decking In Your Backyard

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Cosy Decking In Your Backyard:

Cosy Decking In Your Backyard


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The warmth of wood provides cosiness not only for your home, but also for your garden and courtyard.


Decking can be a really fashionable solution for people who want to decorate their homes in some unusual and fancy way.


It is widely spread in the North America, as well as in some of the North European countries. It was first introduced in the middle of the 20th century as a very good alternative to the traditional stone decorations.




Unlike the other ways of flooring, such as terracotta and the traditional decorative stone, decking your courtyard does not require any base. It is a waste of time, requires a lot of hard working and makes the floorings really expensive.


Wood is a natural and ecological material and if you want to include it in the decoration of your home, you can choose among a variety of different colours .


Also, if it is of high quality, it will last for at least 15 years. Of course,in order to prolong its life, decking needs some special cares, as everything else in your house does. But this treatment is totally worth the time and efforts.


You can cover the path to your front door, the area around your pool or your garden. You don’t have to daub your garden with building refuse and materials. The only thing you are supposed to do is using your imagination in order to turn your courtyard into a dream place.

How to do it?:

How to do it?


There is not a big difference in the boards, used for this type of flooring and the boards for the regular wooden floor. They are around 13 centimeters wide; as for the length – it has to be cut out according to the area you had planned to cover.


You can use either smoothly polished surfaces, or rough boards (in order not to get slippery in a rainy weather). You arrange the boards parallel with one another. It is very important not to place it directly on the ground, but on a special grille.


Such an arrangement is very useful, because it protects the surface from getting in direct contact with the moist soil and prevents the boards from holding humidity.

Decking is the perfect solution for your country house or villa:

Decking is the perfect solution for your country house or villa


You can cover the paths in your courtyard, the stairs leading to the terrace, a certain part of your garden etc. You can turn it into an elegant dining-room under the sky and form a cosy corner,


where you can enjoy your afternoon coffee or gather the whole family for a dinner in the summer evenings. You are free to be creative and the best part is that decking allows you to realize your best ideas.


Though it is a very appropriate solution for your country house, there are some places where it is not very wise to use wood and where decking is not quite suitable for.


These are the houses, built in the so-called ‘new architecture style’ from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, where stone has found its place as a classical solution.


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