Air Traffic Controller Interview part 1

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You will hear Alan Shieff of interviewing Bruce Jett Green of In part 1 Jett talks about how his career began and also about a challenge he faced when working for a search and rescue team in the military. You can see more interesting aviation English stories and news at my blog:


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Alan Shieff interviews Bruce Jett Green PART 1:

Alan Shieff interviews Bruce Jett Green PART 1

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Bruce Jett Green Alan Shieff


Resume Safety and human factors Air crew member on the C-130 Air Traffic Controller

Talks about safety:

Talks about safety Human factors involved in mishaps Preventing mishaps

Talks about safety:

Talks about safety BP oil rig disaster – evidence that human factors may have been involved.

Joined Airforce 1983:

Joined Airforce 1983 clerk typist Search and recovery team

One fatality:

One fatality Weather deteriorated – ceiling 300 or 400 feet, minimums 250 feet Runway lights step 5, maximum intensity Loss of positioning

One fatality:

One fatality Right wing clipped the ground Plane cartwheeled Found the pilot in 120 different places

Has your work prevented tragedies:

Has your work prevented tragedies 4-5 articles per year As many presentations Connect with the audience If I’ve prevented one tragedy it’s been worth it


PART 2 In part 2 of the interview with Jett Green, you will hear him talking about how his career as an air traffic controller started; what it takes to be an air traffic controller and the stress and multi-tasking that controllers face every day.

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