Pilot ejects

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Aviation English video comprehension. Try the free lesson and if you like it, check out the PIE course http://www.practiceicaoenglish.com/demo/ You will learn how to communicate effectively using interactive learning tools, video and real audio.


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Gee ! A lucky escape!

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Pilot ejects:

Pilot ejects a nd tells his story Video Comprehension

Watch the video :

Watch the video Created by Rachel Shieff

Now answer the questions::

Now answer the questions: Where was the aircraft spiralling? What was the pilot’s only chance of survival? How was the jet acting? Was the pilot trained to eject? How much thrust was in the seat? Where did the pilot feel pain after hitting the ground? Created by Rachel Shieff

See the answers::

See the answers: The aircraft was spiralling into the ground? T he pilot’s only chance of survival was to pull the ejection handle. T he jet wasn’t acting normally. T he pilot was trained to eject. There was almost 5000lbs of thrust in the seat. T he pilot felt pain in his spine after hitting the ground. Created by Rachel Shieff

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