Flexible and Inflexible

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This short vocabulary lesson gives you the definitions of "flexible" and "inflexible". Listen to the audio and watch a video showing a VERY good example of the meaning "inflexible" in an airport scene.


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VOCABULARY Flexible Inflexible

Flexible (adjective):

Flexible (adjective) Example: Definition: adaptable, able to change plans easily, finds alternative solutions to problems Imagine you arrived at the airport late and missed your flight… A flexible ‘check-in’ agent would offer you alternative travel plans to help you reach your destination.

Flexible (adjective):

Flexible (adjective) “I’m sorry, you’ve arrived late and your flight is closed. I can put you on the next flight which leaves at 11.30am. Would you like me to do that ?

Inflexible (adjective):

Inflexible (adjective) Definition: fixed, single-minded, strict unchangeable For a great example of “inflexible”, watch the next video. Created by Rachel Shieff

Meet the parents – Airport Scene:

Meet the parents – Airport Scene

Slide 6:

Why was the lady so inflexible ? You have 10 seconds to think of the answer. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 The lady didn’t allow the passenger to board, even though there were no others waiting. She was following the normal procedure and didn’t want to change. created by Rachel Shieff "practice ICAO english"

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