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Here you will listen to the same real ATCcomprehension again, and this time you will be able to read the transcript. I hope you were correct with your answers.


By: evelynevidal73 (80 month(s) ago)

Yeah, these guys talk quickly! You gotta be on the ball!

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ATC Comprehension:

Full Transcript of communication ATC Comprehension

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American 168 Heavy to VOR 22L American 121 you have 22R today. American 121 Change your runway to 22R, cleared to land wind 120 at 9 Runway 22R American 121 American 168 VOR 22L created by American 168 Heavy Kennedy Tower continue. There’s a vehicle on the runway removing bird carcases 22R confirm American 121 …………(garbled response)

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I think the vehicle may be done by the time you get here. Ground 93 cleared 22L now. We’ve completed all now, carcases removed Thank you 93 American 168 heavy cleared to land runway 22L, wind 110 at 7 created by Cleared to land 22L American 168 Heavy

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