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Here is a real ATC communication. The complete communication will be posted soon. Please visit our blog for more aviation English materials to prepare you for your ICAO English test. The audio is brought to you by


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ATC Comprehension:

Listen, read the communication and write down the missing words. ATC Comprehension

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American 168 Heavy to VOR 22L American 121 you have ________________ American 121 Change your runway to 22R, cleared to land wind ________________ Runway 22R American 121 American 168 VOR 22L created by American 168 Heavy Kennedy Tower continue. There’s a vehicle on the runway ____________________ 22R confirm American 121 …………(garbled response)

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I think the vehicle may be done by the time you get here. Ground 93 cleared 22L now. We’ve completed all now, ____________________ Thank you 93 American 168 heavy cleared to land runway 22L, ________________ created by Cleared to land 22L American 168 Heavy

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