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You will listen to a real recording between ATC and the Flight deck and read the communication to practice and improve your comprehension of aviation English.


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American 1080 Emergency landing:

ATC communication courtesy of LiveATC.net American 1080 Emergency landing

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American 1080 can detail winds 330 at 5 following a Boeing 737 touching down runway 22R cleared to land Cleared to land 22R American 1080 American 1080 declaring an emergency American 1080, what’s the nature of the emergency? Non-standard configuration Are you planning to land still? created by practiceICAOenglish.com

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We are landing (…and we ‘re gonna roll the trucks too….and American 1080, we’re gonna clear it to Kilo Bravo American 1080 kilo Bravo and then Kilo you can stop there if you like, and like I said trucks are coming your way. American 1080, will clear and they can check us out. American 1080, can you make a right turn onto kilo and be parallel with the runway, or that’s not possible? created by practiceICAOenglish.com

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No, we can make the right turn and be parallel with the runway. We’re gonna stop and we’d like them to come and check our brakes American 1080, Roger Monitor Ground control now on 121.9 They are gonna have the vehicles on that frequency. 121.9 American 1080, thank you created by practiceICAOenglish.com

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