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Rachel Shieff from http://www.PracticeICAOenglish.com discusses the argument for and against E-learning for Aviation English. You will find out the advantages of E-learning and hear evidence of its effectiveness. You will also find out why some pilots are resistant to E-learning and what airlines can do to help pilots and other personnel make the paradigm shift to accepting E-learning for aviation English.


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E-learning For AVIATION www.practiceICAOenglish.com What are you doing? And…What’s possible?

Let’s discuss :

Let’s discuss the arguments for & against E-learning in aviation. www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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20% of what we hear And 80 % of what we “see + hear + do” We remember… 30% of what we see Keep in mind www.practiceICAOenglish.com This is where E-learning has the edge. 60% of what we do

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Can E-learning be effective? There are many types of learning. Classroom Audio books Lectures Seminars E-learning www.practiceICAOenglish.com Books

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Some people are against E-learning. NO! www.practiceICAOenglish.com Why?

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They think… E-learning is not as GOOD as face to face OBJECTION 1 However… If classroom delivery is dull and not engaging, participants will be bored and uninterested. www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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There can be good and bad approaches in both forms of teaching. OBJECTION 1 I f E-learning is badly designed and objectives undefined, the result will also be the same. www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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U nclear objectives Poor design Lack of interaction and feedback Poor facilitation and more When a training experience is bad, there are usually a host of reasons why. These reasons could apply to a classroom or E-learning environment. www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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Some people believe… E-learning development takes time…. OBJECTION 2 www.practiceICAOenglish.com and time is money.

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Compared to what? Higher up-front development costs can be recouped over time via much lower delivery costs, or even zero delivery costs in some cases. Before we can judge if something costs too much, we have to determine the value it produces. www.practiceICAOenglish.com You may need advice from an E-learning provider you trust, to help you determine the effectiveness of E-learning solutions for your specific needs.

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Others have said… E-learning is a risky undertaking. OBJECTION 3 www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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As part of a balanced, blended learning approach E-learning offers many benefits… it provides new and innovative ways for trainers to engage their trainees Allows them to devote more time to “face to face” learning, such as role-plays and communication skills www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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The strongest objections to blended learning are… “We don’t know enough about it.” FEAR of making a bad decision the "change is bad" mentality. www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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Plenty of language skills practice to support classroom training. More flexibility – students can study anytime, anywhere Students can repeat lessons as often as they need What is the purpose of E-learning for aviation English? www.practiceICAOenglish.com The course must deliver EXACTLY the right language skills required – so learners can apply their new knowledge directly to their work. This may sound obvious, but all kinds of courses are being advertised as Aviation English – which are NOT related in any way to aviation.

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Powerful And Meaningful Objectives www.practiceICAOenglish.com MOTIVATE LEARNERS Learning objectives must be achievable

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leading to NOTICEABLE improvement RETURN ON INVESTMENT for you COST BENEFITS VALUE ROI www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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Is there any evidence on the effectiveness of E-learning compared to classroom learning? “students who took all or part of their classes online did better than those who took the same courses in traditional, face-to-face settings .” -- quote from study The U.S. Department of Education commissioned this study “ Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies ” . www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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“Online learners who spent more time on their learning tasks did better .” -- quote from study “Blended learning, using techniques in addition to online, improved outcomes even more .” -- quote from study “A final interesting outcome was that the superior results from online learning appeared for older learners” -- quote from study www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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Why are some pilots and controllers resistant to E-learning? They are not tuned in to having technology deliver their training. www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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Why are some pilots and controllers resistant to E-learning? It might take a while for learners to make the paradigm shift that “they” are truly in charge of their “own” learning. www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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Why are some pilots and controllers resistant to E-learning? www.practiceICAOenglish.com Some learners lack the required motivation and discipline to take the first step towards E-learning. You cannot assume your employees are familiar with PCs or prefer this mode of learning.

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Employees must be well informed about the E-learning course to be used , becomes enjoyable and is accepted. www.practiceICAOenglish.com so that E-learning

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It must be easy to navigate a nd user friendly www.practiceICAOenglish.com

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20% of what we hear 30 % of what we see 60 % of what we do Well designed E-learning, can improve training results by up to 80%. www.practiceICAOenglish.com We remember Because… 80 % of what we “see + hear + do”

E-learning and the Environment:

E-learning and the Environment All airlines can benefit from www.practiceICAOenglish.com reducing carbon emissions minimising the use of natural resources .

E-learning and the Environment:

E-learning and the Environment For airlines, the environmental and cost savings can be massive. www.practiceICAOenglish.com E-learning can remove the requirement for intercontinental flights or long distance travel .

E-learning and the Environment:

E-learning and the Environment E-learning is delivered directly to the user’s computer or mobile device… www.practiceICAOenglish.com so NO additional travel is required

E-learning and the Environment:

E-learning and the Environment The positive points here are: www.practiceICAOenglish.com With E-learning there are definite ways to cut costs a nd reduce resource use Cut costs

Non – Environmental Benefits:

Non – Environmental Benefits Increased flexibility – (study anywhere, anytime) www.practiceICAOenglish.com

Non – Environmental Benefits:

Non – Environmental Benefits The aviation English content can be changed to meet the needs of different personnel. Customer Service Language for cabin crew ground staff baggage handlers www.practiceICAOenglish.com

Non – Environmental Benefits:

Non – Environmental Benefits English for mechanics engineers www.practiceICAOenglish.com

Non – Environmental Benefits:

Non – Environmental Benefits Lower administration costs Automated assessments and tracking, www.practiceICAOenglish.com m eaning, all employee data is at your fingertips.

Non – Environmental Benefits:

Non – Environmental Benefits E-learning may not be right for all subjects, but it has a major contribution to make, and can be especially powerful in blended learning solutions. www.practiceICAOenglish.com


! REMEMBER Aviation English E-learning needs to deliver QUANTIFIABLE training value. You must work with an E-learning provider that GUARANTEES results… www.practiceICAOenglish.com such as Practice ICAO English


! REMEMBER All aviation English courses must be www.practiceICAOenglish.com “all about” AVIATION designed and created “for” AVIATION by “ AVIATION English ” Specialists with a “proven track record”

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www.practiceICAOenglish.com To find out more anytime, anywhere that teach your pilots or controllers how to communicate in ANY situation designed by AVIATION English Specialists about E-learning courses … using only AVIATION English content

You’re welcome to visit us:

You’re welcome to visit us www.practiceICAOenglish.com Practice ICAO english .com The Aviation English E-learning Specialist

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