Composition of the Vine

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PPT Presentations on various topics of Wine in which-Composition of the Vine,Presented by S.Y.BHMCT-2011.


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Composition Of The Vine

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It Includes Roots Leaves Flowers Grapes

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Roots: Th ese are for anchorage and for absorbing nutrients and moisture from the earth. The root system is large and can reach to a depth of about 2 m (+6 feet).

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Leaves: Chlorophyll is the green matter in the leaves and is necessary for photosynthesis. When sunlight falls on them, carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere through the leaves into the plant where it combines with water, absorbed through the roots, to make sugar. The sap which is circulating in the vine takes the sugar and stores it within the grape .

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Flowers: Vine flowers are very small. They self-pollinate from May to June in the northern hemisphere and from November to December in the southern hemisphere. Flowering takes about ten days when, hopefully, the weather remains warm and dry. Frost is the great enemy -If it arrives during the flowering, unprotected vines will not bear grapes.

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Grapes: The grapes form after pollination. At first they are small, hard and green, but as they ripen, they swell out and change colour in August and September. They should be fully ripe 100 days after flowering. A ton of grapes produces 675 litres(148 gallons), equivalent to 960 bottles of wine.

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Presented By :- Kishor Thorat Ibrahim Shaikh Hritwik Yelulkar Pratibha Wahul S.Y.BHMCT Thank You !

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