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Firewall is a network that is used to block certain types of network traffic. It is basically a security system that is designed to protect untrusted access on a private network. Firewall forms a barrier between a trusted and an untrusted network. We are going to tell you the various types of firewall security in this PPT


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What Is Firewall? The word firewall means a network device that is used to block certain types of network traffic. Basically, firewall forms a barrier between a trusted and an untrusted network.

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Types Of Firewall

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Packet F iltering F irewall In this type of firewall, there are security rules that block traffic based on IP address and IP protocol. Filtering Rules are based on information contained in a network. Source IP address Destination IP address Source and destination transport level address IP protocol field Interface

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Stateful firewall A Stateful packet firewall tightens up the rules for TCP traffic by creating a directory of outound TCP connections. There is an entry for each established connection. This is like a packet filtering firewall, however it is more astute about monitoring dynamic associations.

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Deep packet inspection firewall Deep packet inspection is a form of computer network packet filtering that examines the data part of a packet as it passes an inspection point, searching for protocol non-compliance, viruses, spam, intrusions, or defined criteria to decide whether the packet may pass or if it needs to be routed to a different destination, or, for the purpose of collecting statistical information that functions at the Application layer of the OSI model .

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Application-aware firewall Similar to deep packet inspection, except that the firewall understands certain protocols and can parse them, so that signatures or rules can specifically address certain fields in the protocol.  The flexibility of this approach to computer firewall protection is great and permits the signatures or rules to be both specific and comprehensive.

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Application P roxy Firewall An application proxy goes about as a go-between for certain application activity, (for example, HTTP, or web, movement), catching all solicitations and approving them before passing them along. For an application proxy firewall to be viable as PC firewall insurance, it must have the capacity to comprehend the protocol totally and to uphold hindering on infringement of the protocol.

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