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i need d presentation which u have prepared fr stock market pls do me a favour...hariharan

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Spreadsheet for Stock Control : 

Spreadsheet for Stock Control

Slide 2: 

This part of the spreadsheet records what stock (things to sell) we had in January

Slide 3: 

Each text label in column A helps us to understand the number next to it in column B

Slide 4: 

We had no chocolate when we started the tuck shop in January. So we record that the 'opening balance' was 0.

Slide 5: 

We bought one box of 48 bars of chocolate in January. We record it here in cell B5.

Slide 6: 

Cell B6 shows how much stock (chocolate bars) we have now. We started with 0 and we bought 48. We enter a formula in cell B6 (1) to add the opening balance for January (in cell B4 - 2) and the bars we bought (in cell B5 - 3) together. The formula is =B4+B5

Slide 7: 

When we press the enter key, Excel shows the result of the formula. Adding the opening balance of 0 and the 48 bars we bought makes a total of 48. No surprise there!

Slide 8: 

In January we sold 25 bars of chocolate in the tuck shop.

Slide 9: 

We can make Excel work out how many bars we have left afterwards. It is the total number of bars we had in stock (48) minus the number we sold (25). We use a formula in cell B8 to do the sum for us. =B6-B7

Slide 10: 

And the answer is 23.

Slide 11: 

Oops! While we were doing the spreadsheet we both had a chocolate bar! We paid for them, but we also have to make the number of bars sold two more - 27.

Slide 12: 

When we've changed the number value in cell B7 to 27 and press the enter key, the formula in cell B8 automatically calculates the new value for how many chocolate bars we have left at the end of January - 21.

Slide 13: 

In column C we will record our stock and sales for February. How many chocolate bars do we have at the beginning of February?

Slide 14: 

Of course, it is the same number that we had at the end of January! At the end of January we had 21 bars, so we must start February with 21 bars. But here's a trick that will come in useful later. We enter a formula in cell C4 (1) that just copies the value in cell B8 (2).

Slide 15: 

So Excel copies the number for us and there can be no mistakes. And if we find out later that we made a mistake in counting our stock in January, Excel will make sure that C4 always has the same value as B8.=B8

The End : 

The End Look through the presentation again, if you need to. When you are ready, go on to task 2 and take the test. You may need to close this window to return to the lesson guide.

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