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Objectives for session : 

1 Objectives for session For teachers to: be introduced to the structure and features of the e-learning modules To understand the audience and purpose of the e-learning modules To support a blended approach to professional learning Outcomes for Module 1 Participants will have identified key features of the e-learning They will be prepared to trial the use of the e-learning standalone and with practitioners

e-learning – aims : 

2 e-learning – aims Supports the cascade Models the pedagogy - builds skills For a range of uses – preparation, training and development For a range of settings – in groups and standalone Promotes collaboration Provides flexibility of access Offers a ‘blended’ approach to professional learning

e-learning – progression and purpose : 

3 e-learning – progression and purpose Overview Module 1 Hearts and minds Raise awareness of FS and what is needed to teach FS Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Teaching FS …from building to applying skills …within real, purposeful and relevant contexts …assessing progress …from entry level to level 1

e-learning in the cascade : 

4 e-learning in the cascade Subject leaders/teachers training Subject leaders/teachers prepare for session Cascade to practitioners Support refresher and extension All e-learning used standalone/small groups e-learning groups Standalone/pairs to support coaching/collaboration Overview standalone

Generic and subject-specific : 

5 Generic and subject-specific Feedback Resources: subject specific Generic sequence Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 English Subject-specific sequence Maths ICT Video Questions Resources: generic Feedback Video Questions Feedback Video Questions Generic sequence User can return to select another branch

Flexible delivery : 

6 Flexible delivery Large screen video DVD ROM Moodle site http://www.nationalstrategiescpd.org.uk/ Access single module Access menu of modules Tracked Low bandwidth – Small screen video 1 DVD ROM will be produced with all four modules Group delivery

The four core modules for schools : 

7 The four core modules for schools Autumn term 2008 Teaching functional skills: From building to applying skills Within real, purposeful and relevant contexts Teaching functional skills: Teaching functional skills: Teaching functional skills: Assessing progress From Entry level to Level 1 Spring term 2009

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