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Capabilities of ICT:

Capabilities of ICT Transactional- IT can transform unstructured processes into routine transaction. B. Geographical – IT can transfer information with rapidity and ease across large distance, making processes independent of geography. C. Analytical- IT can bring complex analytical methods to bear in a process. D. Information- IT can bring vast amounts of detailed information into process. E. Sequential- It can enable changes in the sequence of tasks in a process, often allowing multiple tasks to be worked simultaneously.

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F. Knowledge management- IT allows the capture and dissemination of knowledge and expertise to improve process. G. Tracking- IY allows the tracking of tasks status, inputs and outputs. H. Disintermediation- IT can connect two parties within a process that would otherwise communicate through an intermediary

Role of ICT in Value Chain:

Role of ICT in Value Chain -specific applications of ICT find their way to the value chain process and all the way to the specific functional areas. Example: “Information technology supporting primary activities in the value chain” Value Activities Use of Information Technology *Primary activities -Inbound logistics -Operations -Outbound logistics -Marketing and sales -After sales service -Just-in-time inventory -Process control system -Online entry to the order system from suppliers -Laptop for direct sales -Electronic dispatch of technical support

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Concept of Convergence -The fusion of computer technology with telecommunication system provided an excellent opportunity to expand its horizon resulting to application of computer beyond the physical boundaries of tabletop or rooms where computer units are installed. Secondary activities -Management communication -Human resources -Technology -Procurement -Electronic mail -Online access to personnel’s files w/ skills database -Computer-aided design and manufacturing -Online access to supplier’s inventory files

Impact of ICT in Industry Business:

Impact of ICT in Industry Business -The enormous powers and capabilities of recent models of computers and the availability of commercial software for various applications have given rise to the popularity of the use of adoption of ICT in general in various sector of the economy.

3 level effect of information technology:

3 level effect of information technology Industry level Information technology changes an industry’s -Products and service -Production -Markets Firm level Information technology affects key competitive forces -Buyers -Substitute products -Suppliers -New entrants -Rivals Strategy level Information technology supports a firm’s strategy -Low-cost -Product differentiation -Market specialization

Business level impacts of information technology:

Business level impacts of information technology Type of impact How information technology is used Products and services Computer-based word processing and typesetting Production economics Nationwide inventory tracking Markets ATMs, Point-of-sale system

Digitalization of products and services:

Digitalization of products and services -The speed of which technologies have been developed has greatly influenced the extent of exploitation of natural resources of planet earth to benefit humanity.

Emergence of new technology:

Emergence of new technology Industry Old technology New technology -Electronics -Shoe materials -Appliances -Airframes -Automobile engines -Automobile body frames -Computers -Medical equipment -TV manufacturing -Cameras -Transistors -Leather -Discrete controls -Steel, metal -Aluminum -Welded pieces -Mainframes -Stand alone-X-Ray -Handcrafted -Silver halide-film -Integrated circuits -Engineered polymer -Fuzzy logic -Composite materials -Ceramics - Unibody , single piece -Construction -Personal computers -Networked system -CT scans, MRI -Automated insertion tools -Flash memory cards

Microchip Technology:

Microchip Technology -Advances in the fields of electronics and computer sciences have resulted to the development in integrated circuits also known as IC, microcircuit, microchip, silicon chip, or chip. Microchip -is a miniaturized electronic circuit that has been manufactured in the surface of a thin substrate of semiconductor material.

The Changing Role of Television:

The Changing Role of Television Vital tool for eCommerce / eBusiness a. Television companies particularly some cable channels are more concerned with providing news and other hard information vital to building competitive strengths of business concerns instead of simply entertaining its audience or viewers through soap operas programs.

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b. Some television programs are no more monopolies of scriptwriters, directors, and other studio-based personnel but they are now getting interactive such that audience participation is possible even on live or real-time programs. c. The interactive of the television programs and its capacity to link up with other ICT gadgets and other hardware as well as software make the television a very powerful medium for business operations beyond its traditional role of advertising/promotions and information delivery.

The Changing Roles of Telephones :

The Changing Roles of Telephones -A telephone devise nowadays is more than just an audio communication transmission machine as it used to be. Telephones have transformed their image from a human voice transmission devise to a data or information carrier system heavily used in the business doing transaction globally.

The Philippine ICT Infrastructure:

The Philippine ICT Infrastructure Vital to the massive use of IT in aid of doing business is the level or development and growth in the ICT infrastructure in the country. The Philippines’ information and telecommunication sector in categorized by Lallana , et al. into the ff. subsectors: Telephone Cable Satellite Broadcasting Print media

Evolving Customer Value:

Evolving Customer Value -The changes brought by modern technologies and in particular the quality and consistency of product quality offered by technology-driven production system changed the way products are produced or manufactured or how the way services are rendered to clienteles.

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