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PG-12 Children under the age of twelve should have parental guidance The following book has been rated:


By: Suzanne Collins

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In what used to be North America, now lies the 12 districts of Panem . There once was 13, but the thirteenth was destroyed.

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All districts ruled by a cruel and harsh capitol

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Every year 24 contestants are chosen to play in the games, 1boy and 1 girl from each district. In this story the two key characters chosen are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mallark Katniss Peeta 12-18 year olds are forced to put their names in the drawing for the games, or else they will starve…

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In the 12th district Prim, Katniss’s 12 year-old sister, is picked to play in the games. Although K atniss takes her place.

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Winning means fame and fortune

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Losing means certain Death

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The Hunger Games have begun!

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