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Library Technology Services Coordination: Notes from an Inside View

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This presentation outlines the responsibilities and challenges of a Technology Services Coordinator for an academic library at a North Carolina University.

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University and Library Statistics 2008-09: Enrollment: Approximately 17,000 total (about 2, 100 of these were graduate students)   Overall Library Circulation: 450,172 items Library Attendance: 1,148,865

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The coordinator’s responsibilities include coordinating and managing: an institutional repository web applications and design systems and technology educational media over 500 computers digitization

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The library’s technical department handles all the desk top computing, wireless computing, and web support for the library, as well as supporting the infrastructure on which these systems run.

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Whereas technological change was fairly dramatic in the 1990’s for this academic library, currently both software and hardware used for library applications are fairly stable.

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Current technology challenges do include the recent and ongoing task of delivering information to increasingly smaller, portable computers such as Nanos and IPods. In response, this library developed a more basic version of the catalog which is manageable within a small display.

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Further recent technology changes and trends include the tendency toward “cloud computing” and web based software applications.

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Increasingly, the cataloging of e journals and books is automated, freeing libraries, including this one, to devote cataloging resources to what is unique in their own private collections, and to making these collections digitally available.

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One key to successful IT management is to work with those who truly enjoy problem solving.

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Any changes made by the Instructional Technology department tend to be very visible across campus. This is particularly true for changes made to the University website and home page.

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Central to sustainable IT management is inviting input while realizing not everyone will be happy with decisions made. Recognizing the dynamic relationship between technology systems and their users is essential.

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