The Kiss

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The Kiss:

The Kiss Kate Chopin

Who do youthink these two are?:

Who do youthink these two are?

Who do youthinkthis man is?:

Who do youthinkthis man is?

Describe the characters:

Describe the characters Nathalie Harvy Brantain


Character’s analysis "The Kiss" we find a picture of relations between three different characters. Nathalie is intelligent and tricky. She carefully plans, how to achieve her aims. She can also act, pretend and also use her charm. She is able to make Brantain believe in her lies about her and Harvy , although he clearly saw, that their kiss was not at all like the brother's and sister's kiss. She is determined and heartless in achieving her aims - she uses lies and tries to manipulate people. But, she also overestimates her skills. She believes, that Harvy is so enchanted by her, that, even when she marries Brantain , he will love her.

Let’s chat about Nathalie.:

Let’s chat about Nathalie . Nathalie tries to manipulatetwo men. Shesucceeds , as far as Brantain is concerned . Brantain is naive and has a weakcharacter . He believeseverything Nathalie tellshim , forexampleabout her and Harvy , and doesn'tseethatsheneedshimonly , because of his money.

What do youthinkaboutBrantainand Harvy?:

What do youthinkaboutBrantain a nd Harvy ? Brantain is innocent, honest and shy. He can't hide his feelings towards Nathalie, although he fears to tell her about them. Harvy , unlike Brantain , doesn't let Nathalie manipulate him. Although Brantain believed that his attitude to her was brotherly, he refuses to go steady with her anymore. He is not at all naive. He sees what's going on between Nathalie and Brantain . He says, that situation, when he kissed Nathalie in Brantain’s presence, was unavoidable. Perhaps, he even provoked that misadventure, in order to make Nathalie finally decide, whether she prefers him or Brantain . She is important to him, but at the same time, he doesn't want to be manipulated.


Summary “The Kiss” by Kate Chopin is about a women, Nathalie and two men, Harvy and Brantain , both interested in her. In turn, Nathalie loves Harvy , but also wants wealth, which could be given by Brantain . She plans to marry him, but at the same time, to still have Harvy’s love. Once, when she is talking with Brantain , Harvy comes in and kisses her ardently. Brantain , who is really embarrassed by this situation, goes out. Then, Nathalie shouts on Harvy and he claims, that he didn’t see her companion. Next day, she goes to Brantain and lies to him, that she really cares for him and that she and Harvy are like brother and sister. Eventually, she marries Brantain , but looses Harvy .

Describe the setting now..:

Describe the setting now .. The story is set in a house And at the end at a wedding ceremony


Terminology Introduction – The beginning of the story Risingaction – is series of eventsthatlead to the climax of the story, usually the conflictsorstruggles of the protagonist . Climax – the highest point and the turning point in the story Fallingaction - The events of a dramatic ornarrative plot following the climax . Resolution – denouement / conclusion

Write down the sequencenow. :

Write down the sequencenow . 1 Brantainvisits Nathalie He is sitting in the shadows Harvy , notseeingBrantain , kisses Nathalie Brantain is upset and leaves 2 The next meeting is betweenBrantain and N. N sayshemisunderstood her brother’sfriend and hiskiss 3 Brantainmarries Nathalie - Harvy comes to kiss the bride , an act whichshewelcomes . - Nathalie is leftwithBrantain and hiswealth

Try to describe the plot . With a two-sentence limit. :

Try to describe the plot . With a two-sentence limit. Nathalie wants to marrywealth and also to keep her lover, butends up withonly the wealth .


Conflicts Remember the four kinds of conflicts : Man vs. Man Man vs.Circumstances Man vs. Society Man vs.Himself / herself Next step: Identify all the conflicts in the story!

Explain the importance of the followingquotation..:

Explain the importance of the followingquotation .. 1) “The obscuritylenthim courage to keep hiseyesfastened as ardently as helikeupon the girlwhosat in the firelight .” Explanation : Brantain is wealthy and wants a relationshipwith Nathalie. Nathalie, is the youngwhoman is scheming to maryyhimforhiswealth . In this quote younoticethatBrantain is sitting in the shadows , whichmakeshim invisible to the approachingHarvy .

Quotation # 2 :

Quotation # 2 “A strideortwobroughthim to her side ; and bending over her chairs --- beforeshecould suspect hisintention , forshedidnotrealizethathe had notseen her visitor – hepressedanardent , lingeringkissupon her lips ” Explanation : This is the moment of the kiss . NotseeingBrantain , Harvyeasily and all toocomfortable comes over and kisses Nathalie. ThiskisswillupsetNathalie’s wedding plan.


Let’sdiscuss ! How do youfeelabout Nathalie? Brantain ? Harvy ? Who is the protagonist here ? The antagonist?


Vocabulary Smouldering – glowingfire Obscurity - unknown Ardently - enthusiastic Blustering – to talk in a loud , agressiveway Guile - slyorcunningintelligence Intention - a thingintended ; anaimor plan Lingering - lastingfor a long time or slow to end Privilege – advantage , benefit Dim – notshiningbrightlyorclearly

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