Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

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Information about drugs, alcohol, and tobacco


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Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco :

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco By Kyle Hyde EDU 290

About :

About Alcohol is the most commonly used drug. Alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are considered gateway drugs More serious drugs include cocaine, meth, heroine, ect .

What is Alcohol? :

What is Alcohol? Alcohol is a colorless flammable liquid. It is made from fermentation Dates back to 3000 B.C.

Short-term Side Affects :

Short-term Side Affects Alcohol is a depressant. It affects the central nervous system Impairs judgment Slurred speech and blurred vision Hangovers

Long-term Side Affects :

Long-term Side Affects Damage to the Liver** Brain damage Increased risk of cancers- Mouth, liver, throat, breast Heart issues- Stroke and high blood pressure Weakens the immune system Social issues

What is Tobacco :

What is Tobacco Tobacco is a plant. The leafs are tried and grounded up Smoked in cigarettes, cigars or pipes Consumed by chewing tobacco

Short-Term Affects of Tobacco :

Short-Term A ffects of Tobacco Increased pressure and heart rate Bad breath and stained teeth Arteries become narrow Reduces oxygen in the blood Head rush type of feeling or “buzzed”

Long-term Side Affects :

Long-term Side Affects Harms every organ in the body Increased risk of all cancers Hearth and lung disease Effects pregnancies Financial costs

Non Smoker Vs. Smoker:

Non Smoker Vs. Smoker

Cost of Smoking :

Cost of Smoking One pack of coast around $6.36 A pack a day per week costs $44.56 Pack a day per year costs $2,312


Marijuana Psychoactive drug that is smoked or eaten Contains THC Illegal in most states Mind altering

Prescription Pill Use :

Prescription Pill Use Oxycodone, P ercasets, Adderall All pills have different side affects Dangerous when mixed with alcohol Becoming more popular

Deaths :

D eaths excessive drinking was responsible for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults aged 20-64 years tobacco use causes more than 5 million deaths per year All these deaths are preventable

Risks of Teen Drug Use :

Risks of Teen Drug Use Trouble with the law Physical and mental issues Addiction Social issues

Peer Pressure :

Peer Pressure Peer pressure is influence that a peer group, observers or individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to group norms . Makes people do things the might not normally The reason why many people start bad habits

Avoiding Peer Pressure :

Avoiding Peer Pressure Stay away from bad people Avoid risky situations Don’t believe that “everyone is doing it” Call a parent if needed

Media Influences :

Media Influences There are no more adds for tobacco Alcohol is branded everywhere Mostly with sporting events 5-6 billion spent on alcohol advertising Targets the younger generation

Works citied:

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