Choose the Right Jeans According to Body Shape

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Here are some tips you can follow to choose the right jeans according to your body shape.


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Tips To Choose The Right Jeans According to Your Body Shape

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Well, everybody must be envious of your lovely hourglass figure. With such a fascinating figure, you should look for jeans which are little wide-legged. Also, the jeans should have a mid-rise and come with a flat front for making the right impact. The best thing about these jeans is that they make you look slim in the right places, but they emphasize the dangerous curves of your sexy figure in style. If you have an hourglass figure

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Majority of women who are pear-shaped have curvy hips when compared to women with other body types. They should refrain from jeans that are super tapered as it will provide a very odd look. The best jeans styles that suit pear-shaped women are the ones that come in trouser style or jeans with low-rise flares. An overall balance is created with these jeans. The curvy hips look streamlined and slim. Pairing the jeans with the right tops can create a great impact. If you are pear-shaped

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Women with such a figure should settle for jeans that target the mid-waist area or little below it. It is recommended to choose a darker shade for the jeans as dark colors have visually slimming effects. Also avoid pleats or pockets around the waist area as these tend to accentuate the area that you definitely don’t want. If you are apple-shaped

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Jeans with super long inseams are the way to go for women with such a figure. High waist jeans are suitable for this figure as they provide illusion for curves. Harem styles with jeans tapering at the ankles are also good choices in this category. Avoid jeans that are low rise, plain and do not have pockets in front as they make one look masculine. If you are celery stalk-shaped

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Skinny jeans that are tight at the ankles are great choices for women who are short and slim at the same time. Do not buy jeans which are wide-legged and baggy shape if you have a small petite figure as you will look simply shapeless in the same. Buy jeans that are little snug so that it provides the slimming effect to its best. If you are short and petite

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Choosing a pair of jeans is not that difficult for a plus sized woman today. The jeans should either be straight-legged (slightly tight fitting) or in a trouser style. These styles will provide a slimming look to the wearer. No other cut or style will look good on a plus size woman and will make her look heavier and fuller. If you are plus-sized

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