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The Qwk2Lrn I3 Quick Start Consortium : 

1 The Qwk2Lrn I3 Quick Start Consortium Empowering Lives, Helping Others

Things We Used to Question : 

2 Things We Used to Question Is the Earth Flat or The Center of the Universe? Does Gravity ALWAYS Apply? Can Man Fly? . . Can We Close the Achievement Gap? Does 1:1 Computing Work?. . .

What we know About Technology and Learning : 

3 What we know About Technology and Learning Learning is a function of student engagement Differentiated instruction improves engagement Technology enables engagement in a dramatic way Technology is expensive and rarely is sustainable therefore Teachers are reluctant to “Count on” Technology One-2-One Computer Delivery is as close to one-2-one teachers as we can get economically (outside of home schooling)

Race to The Top I3 Grants : 

4 Race to The Top I3 Grants Basic Requirements of the Grants: Innovative Solutions (utilizing technology) Scalable (can be used elsewhere) Sustainable (Can be funded over time) Focused on “At Risk” Children (low performing and low income) How Qwk2Lrn is Compliant: Utilizes the Michigan’s Freedom to Learn Research concepts validating 1:1 Results Uses Fractional Super Computers to Implement in a scalable way proven 1:1 using existing networks Up to 90% fundable by E-Rate funds readily available to all low income Districts Designed to engage ALL students with 100% differentiated instruction for all achievement levels (including learning disabled)

No-More-Excuses : 

5 No-More-Excuses Qwk2Lrn – The No-More-Excuses Alternative to Sustained High Performance in Student Achievement Excuses

Our Guarantee – Double Digit Improvement in Student Test scores in 90 Days! : 

6 Our Guarantee – Double Digit Improvement in Student Test scores in 90 Days! Give Us your Lowest Performing Classroom In Your Lowest Performing School Let Us Train The Teacher Link Us to YOUR Performance Standards and Curriculum Give Us 90 days. . . The Kids will do the Rest It’s not Magic – Its Innovation that Works!

What makes Qwk2Lrn Different : 

7 What makes Qwk2Lrn Different Dramatically reduces the cost of delivering a complete set of state compliant curriculum to the classroom (No net new cash is required) We Embrace Standard Based Instruction by providing Professional Development for teachers and leader effectiveness ala. Research for Better Teaching One-2-One transforms the Teacher from the “Sage on the Stage” into a classroom leader who can fully engage each student by managing and delivering 100% differentiated curriculum to every level of achievement in alignment with RTI expectations. World Class, Fully Compliant material is readily available now on the Internet - Qwk2Lrn has been tested to deliver it and make good on the promise we make – every time.

How Qwk2Lrn Works : 

8 How Qwk2Lrn Works Each District Designs Curriculum to Meet (Hires and Trains Teachers to Deliver) Each State Sets Standards and NCLB Tests Each School Delivers Curriculum Manages Teachers and Other Resources Each Student Engages the Curriculum (and is Tested vs Standards) Regional Accreditation Bodies Attest to Schools Capacity to Deliver Each Community Utilizes Students In Citizenry And Workforce Test Results Prepared Citizens 180 Days of Student Engagement All Required Resources Accreditation District Plan (ways and means) Standards and Results Feedback , Expectations, Funding And Governance Net Reduces Dramatically Increases Overall Public Education Process

The Qwk2Lrn I3 Quick Start Consortium : 

9 The Qwk2Lrn I3 Quick Start Consortium Up to 8 School Districts who meet the Criteria Work together as a Team to submit Coordinated Applications by April 1, 2010 Common Research Objectives Common Research Methodologies Prove out a National Model Targeted Districts In the Consortium so far: Pontiac, Michigan Highland Park Michigan Detroit, Michigan Gaston County, Florida Jackson, Mississippi Hawaii (state wide district)

Does Your District Qualify forThe Qwk2Lrn I3 Quick Start Consortium : 

10 Does Your District Qualify forThe Qwk2Lrn I3 Quick Start Consortium Buy-in of the Superintendent for True Innovation 3,000 to 15,000 Students in Target Group Title 1- 75% Participating in Free / Reduced Lunch 1 or More school buildings in “Needs Improvement” Status for more that 2 years

Getting Started with : 

11 Getting Started with Initial Teleconference with Superintendent – Review Eligibility and Interest Level Presentation to Superintendent with Carefully Selected Attendees Identify Scope of Opportunity Identify Tasks and Timeline Identify Key Stakeholders in Decision Commitment Letter from Superintendent to Qwk2Lrn Formally Joining Consortium Identifying Target Classroom and Timeline Identify Specific Cluster of schools for I3 Research Formally join Consortium Identify Study Team and Lead Investigator (Project Leader) Submit District Level Project Design (with Qwk2Lrn project manager support)

QWK2LRNResults at Highland Park : 

12 QWK2LRNResults at Highland Park

What Is Qwk2Lrn ? : 

13 What Is Qwk2Lrn ? ,

What Is Qwk2Lrn : 

14 What Is Qwk2Lrn (Cont.)

What Is Qwk2Lrn : 

15 What Is Qwk2Lrn (Cont.)

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