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Know About the Working of an AC actuator The actuator is an essential component of the machine which is responsible for controlling or moving systems by opening a valve. It requires a control signal and a source of energy. Actuators were started around the second World War. It typically converts energyin the form of compressed air into mechanical motion. We can proudly say that the actuator is the soul components in ACs. They have an alternative magnetic field due to alternating current direction and causes the shaft to move. When we turn on our ACs the actuators are there which actually gets open up and allows the fresh air to blow down. AC actuators ​ are used in about all of the mobile applications such as cars or cordless devices. In our homes you have ACs from the wall socket. One must note that never connect or disconnect an Actuator with power applied. Dangerous voltages are present enough to damage and injury to personnel can result. Introduction Actuators were invented for the use of professionals and corporations with complete equipment or system. Factors such as torque control and heat production are essential to determine the best Actuators to be preferred for the use. If our ACs are not working correctly there may be some issues related to Actuator. All the heating and cooling related stuff of an Accident is similar to the actuators. HVAC system engineers also have the choice of architectures for driving the motors. Flap actuators can be controlled remotely or locally. Role of actuators When we fix the thermostat at a specific temperature then we see that the AC is adjusting itself to achieve that temperature by few intervals of time but its actually the Actuators that are doing this. There are actuators to control the flow of air to meet thermostat requirements this controlling the airflow. It is located above and below the coils and can be set to signal speed or variable speed. If now you are noticing any defect in your actuator you might get it repaired and shape them back. It does not matter if it is hot or cold outside the passenger inside the car feel comfortable. HVAC system varies in complexity and level of automation depending upon the class of vehicle. Working of AC actuators

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AC actuator is a mechanism by which a control system acts in an environment and the control system can be simple or software-based. There are two types of windings within the motor- rotor and stator assemblies. When voltage is applied to the stator assembly. The primary winding results in inducing the flow of current to rotor assemble. When there is the interaction between the rotor and stator assembly it creates the magnetic field which results in motion. As we all know AC most commonly moves at a constant speed speed is determined by the frequency of the voltage applied by the number of magnetic poles. If it is a sun-synchronous motor the rotor and stator move in synchronization. A mechanical actuator functions to execute movement by converting one kind of motion into other types. An example is a rack and pinion. It is based on a combination of structural components such as gears and rails or pulleys and chains. Types of AC actuators 1. Electric actuators motors It is used in modern HVAC systems. The circuits in each vehicle are different so the manufacturer makes according to the demand. The electric actuators motors consist of stators slip rings coils and a rotor which contains the permanent magnets. It can be stopped at any stage by 0.1accuracy providing a great control at keeping a constant in-cabin air temperature in all conditions. 2. BI directional HVAC actuators It is a five-wire design out of which three-wire are used in circuit feedback. Other two remaining wires are positive and negative circuits that drive the motor. It is controlled by the HVAC control headsets and moves the motor direction based on selection. These are also sometimes referred to as "dumb actuators". 3. Tri-state HVAC actuators It is also a five-wire design. Three wires are used for circuit feedback and rest two are for ignition voltage and HVAC controls. These are smart actuators move according to the voltage supplied and set commands. 4.Three-wire actuators

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It has a power ground and an input wire from the HVAC control head. These use pre-programmed chips having information about the direction and how to drive it. As motor moves the potentiometer compares the output voltage to the motor voltage if the trading is same the actuators stop. There is no feedback to control. 5.Two-wire actuators: Two-wire actuators create an electrical pulse. When commutator rotates across the brushes the pre-programmed actuators counts the vibrations as the motor moved from one end to another. Symptoms of bad actuators: As we know that Air conditioning temperature cant be regulated. Driver or passenger wont be able to change the temp. Bad door actuators have the clicking noise coming from the backside of the dashboard. Inadequate cooling inside due to hot air leaking in the HVAC box. ● Checking for fault If you are not able to set temperature from head control set selector there is a problem with a blend door actuator. As the blend door opens it makes a change in the intensity of noise. If you cant hear the change then there is a problem in the actuator. If you cant set the flow of air to come out from the position of the right vent using the head control set button then there is a ​ ​problem with the actuator. ● Precaution for Actuators Always use tinned wire ends to prevents the story strands of wire from shorting or falling into open area circuits. Excessive side load on the output rod will reduce the life of an actuator. Do not exceed the physical travel limits of actuator. Doing so will cause the actuator to trash internally and the damage of internal parts. Conclusion

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In a mechanical device actuator act as a medium for converting the given signals into mechanical works. It is responsible for the movement of mechanical work in the system. As we already know that these are used primarily in automation industries. About 75-80 of the direct digital control output DDC outputs of the HVAC systems go to actuators. Actuators are used in Leds motor control Car ACs etc. AC actuators run at a constant speed which depends on the frequency of voltage. These are electro-mechanical devices essential for the ACS. There are several types of actuators discussed above has their specific work by the demand of the manufacturer. The actuators needed to be taken care of also. As it has been told above the measures of precautions this would lead to an increase in the life expectancy of actuators. These are the most useful and essential industrial Device.

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