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What will we see in next slides ? Introduction * What is AI ? * History of AI * Important people for early of AI * The Problems * Branches and Applications of AI * Robotics *Games * Toys * Examples of Current Artificial Intelligence * Ideas about future Artificial Intelligence

What is The AI ?:

What is The AI ? Defined as,’ The study of intelligent behavior and the attempt to find ways in which such behavior could be engineered in any type of artifact ’ Basically , ‘ Putting human intelligence into a machine ’

Important people:

Important people for early study of AI Alan Turing - Father of modern computer science - Concept of the algorithm John McCarthy - Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University - Coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1955 -His research area has been the formalization of common sense knowledge

The Problems:

The Problems -Human intelligence is currently not fully understood . - There is no method of determining when a machine is actually intelligent .

PowerPoint Presentation:

Robotics - Machines that usually mimic human motion to perform automated tasks . - Robots can be given perception systems that allow observation and reaction to their environment .


Games *T he primary antagonist, kidnapping Princess Peach, who Mario saves. Mario


Games *AI give each enemy ghost its own particular behavior and movements: Shadow: RED - Chases after Pac-Man all the time Speedy: PINK - Very fast but moves in a random manner. Bashful: BLUE – Shy at first but becomes aggressive when Pac-Man gets close. Pokey: ORANGE – Slow and moves in a random manner. * The AI gives unpredictability of movement and behavior giving the ghost an ‘ inner life’ Pac -Man


Toys Tamagotchi *A handheld digital pet created 1996. * Created by Aki Maita . * And sold by Bandai . * Tamagotchi enables us to have fun . * Also some people say that Tamagotchi bring responsibilities to children .


Toys Furby *A toy robot made by Tiger Electronics . * Original release in 1998 through 2000. * Created by Dave Hampton and Calep Chung . * Furby includes both sensors and affectors . * Enabling it to ‘sense’ information from the environment a nd permit a response to the environment . * These are toys that learn in increasingly more and more complex w ays , exhibiting what we can call artificial intelligence .

Examples of:

Examples of Current AI Self- Parking System * A self-parking system is an autopilot technology for automobiles that allows a car to park itself. It is available on some Lexus, Toyota and Ford models. * The basic components of such a system are a rear-mounted camera, servo-motors for turning the steering column and activating brakes, and a micro-computer based control system to perform the parking maneuver.

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* In addition,security cameras has a rtificial intelligence . Security Cameras * They can use ; * Night-Vision system . * Rotating depends on wind . * They perceive faces and smiles . Examples of Current AI

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*Technologies which have artificial intelligence improved faster . Ideas about f uture AI

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* Therefore,some of these people worry about these technologies . future of AI Ideas about * Many people stayed behind these developments . * They have believed these technologies will be out of control . * So far , many books , films and cartoons published about future of AI.

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* Most of them show us bad sides of artificial intelligence . * In ‘ Eagle eye ’ and ‘Sistem’ a computer system wanted to kill all the people.Almost,it was achieving its aim because it was very powerful . * For example,it has thousands eyes and thousands ears.Its eyes is security cameras and ears was mobile phones .

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* These films have mutual aspects . * Firstly,in these films AI was well-developed thing in our world . * Secondly,AI and people helpful against each other by contrast with last slide .

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* In Conclusion,I hope to participate in this development . *I think,We can overcome many problems,if we are together so AI technology and people * Actually,our f uture is depends on us. * We have to make our choice . OR

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