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Custer’s Last Stand (The Battle of Little Bighorn): 

Custer’s Last Stand (The Battle of Little Bighorn) George A. Custer – young, ambitious, handsome –remains one of the “stars” of American soldiery. On June 25, 1876,he lead his men into battle against a great army of American Indians, next to the Little Bighorn River in Montana. By all odds, Custer should have won. Instead he and his men were killed.

Why it happened.: 

Why it happened. The United States government was trying to strip lands from the Sioux, and move them to a reservation. The Sioux refused and decided to fight for their land.

The Battle of Little Bighorn: 

The Battle of Little Bighorn George A. Custer and the other generals George Crook and John Gibbon, and Major Reno had 31 officers, 566 troops, 15 armed civilians, and 35-40 scouts were prepared to battle. On the other hand the Sioux and their allies the Northern Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and the Blackfoot Indians with 900 – 1800 warriors were prepared to fight for their land. At about 12:00 Reno’s men attacked. That started the Battle of Little Bighorn. When Custer raced downriver from Major Reno’s offensive, turned and saw before his men (232 of them) the whole Sioux nation ready to attack. That was the end of Custer.

Looking back : 

Looking back There are many theories to why the attack failed. One is that he was an ambitious fool. Others suspect that Ulysses S. Grant sabotaged Custer’s efforts against the Indians. The loss was a surprise because George Armstrong Custer was 18 and he attended the military academy at West Point and was the youngest Civil War General in the army, and never lost a battle!!!!

In the end : 

In the end In the end most people looked at the battle thinking of Custer’s brutal death. But few people think of the Indians. This was their biggest and last victory.

Credits : 

Credits Custer’s Last Stand the great mysteries opposing viewpoints series The story of The Little Bighorn Cornerstones of Freedom series Wikipedia By 5th Graders Duncan, Drake, Gabe, Keith

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